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Sale Update: Anthropologie 25% OFF Jewelry

So I’ve realized that this month is going to be all about rushing to get you the information on all the deals, discounts, promo codes, and sales that are pouring in for the 2014 Holiday Season. As a matter of fact, today, Anthropologie has 25% OFF all their dresses and jewelry. This sale worked out to be more of a me shopping spree. I’ve been on the look out for chunky necklaces to add a little oomph to work outfits. I adore how big necklaces (like this Bubbled Bib Necklace) look with button down shirts and a sweater. Nonetheless, if you have any friends or Mom’s on your Holiday shopping list; this is a great sale to get the Holiday shopping started. Let me tell you, if you are shopping “gifts for her”, you can’t go wrong with dresses and/or jewelry.

Samarkand Earrings | Pyrite Jar Necklace | Mini Journal Necklace | Diverged Cuff | Colorwheel Pendant Necklace | Bubbled Bib Necklace | Antler Earrings | Shimmering Horse Shoe Necklace | Brass Scroll Cuff | Ophelia Rose Gold Necklace

Gifts For Cycling Lovers Part 2

The best gift for anyone who likes to ride a bike is bicycle themed. There are so many great bicycle related gifts from jewelry, to biking gear, gadgets, bags and much much more. Here is a list of ideas for cycling lovers: 1. Bike Chain Star Ornament, 2. Bike Tire Cufflinks, 3. Bike Tire Tie Bar, 4. Bike Doormat, 5. Auto Timing Chain and Gears Wall Clock, 6. Upcycled Bike Tube Handlebar Bag, 7. Bike Chain Cuff Bracelets

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Jewelry Organizing Gifts For Fashionistas

As promised, I have a found a nice collection of jewelry organizers and I am sharing it with you.  My all time favorite is the ceramic Jackalope because I have a healthy obsession with fantastical creatures.  Anything from a unicorn to a liger will tickle my fancy.  Here are some other great ideas for people who have so much jewelry they have a hard time finding that perfect piece that pulls the outfit together in the wrangled mess of their jewelry drawer: 1. Ceramic Jackalope Jewelry Holder, 2. Bird Cage Jewelry Holder, 3. Cloche Jewelry Holder, 4. Bunny And Swan Figurine Jewelry Holder Set, 4. Natural Sparkle Ring Holder in Rabbit, 5. Bird Branch Jewelry Stand, 6. Little Birch Jewelry Stand, 7. Antique-Gold Stag Andtler Jewelry Stand, 8. Gold Punched Tiered Metal Dish Jewelry Stand

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Unique Jewelry Round Up

When it comes to jewelry I look for pieces that are unique and stand apart from the sea of glittery objects the jewelry industry has to offer.  For example, I am in love with the wooden necklaces by Brainbow.  Their handmade TVs, Cameras and Synthesizers have cluttered my nightstand.  I lurve them so!  Which reminds me, I need to organize all my necklaces, bracelets and rings.  So I will post an update on any cute jewelry stands/cases I find during my research.  In the meantime, here are some adorably unique accessories to check out: 1. Sunshine Necklace, 2. Honeycomb Necklace, 3. Wearable Planter Necklace, 4. Record Cuff Bracelet, 5. Pac Man Ring Set, 6. Crayon Ring Set

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Pinkghost Artist Necklaces

Wooden Artist Necklaces are 100% Maple Wood pendants based on a character from artists: Piktorama, Pow Pao & Crowded Teeth. There are 3 different styles to choose from: Afro Kelvin, Chubby Unicorn and Rainbow Bear.  Each design runs in a limited edition of 50 pieces and is available for $40 at pinkghost.  All the pendants are cut, painted and hand-assembled in the US and include a backing plate that gives you a better peek into the character’s world.  Take the pendant out of the plate and onto your next adventure.

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Gifts For Your Best Friend: Girl Edition

You love to go shopping with your best friend… why wouldn’t you?  After all, you have the same rhythm, patience and taste.  Getting a Holiday gift for her should be so easy, right?  Yes, except for little problem about you also liking all the potential Holiday gifts you could gift her; and it’s so hard not buy one for yourself.  We understand how you feel because we feel the same way.  Here are some things we just know our BFFs will love because we love ‘em!  Take a look:  1. Camera Necklace, 2. French Bulldog Ceramic Rectangle Plate, 3. Forest Dish Set, 4. Whitney Coin Purse, 5. Elbow Gloves in Mediterranean Blue, 6. Shimmering Bow Belt, 7. All Mine Colored Pencil Set

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Gifts For Your Mom

This Holiday season wow your Mom with one-of-a-kind gifts she did not see at the mall.  Here is a list of cool gifts for Mom 2012:  1. Lumen Oil Candle Shadow Projectors, 2. Paper Pots, 3. Four Seasons Towels Set of 4, 4. Family Glassware, 5. Micro-Green Kits, 6. Flavors of America Salt Collection, 7. Mother & Daughter Necklaces – Set of 2

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Circuit Board Cufflinks, Tie Tacks & More

You might be surprised how many people you know fall under the electrical circuitry geek category.   Friends into computers, Electrical Engineers, Audio Engineers, gamers and anyone into electronic gadgets can be circuit geeks.  There’s just something about a circuit board that makes their eyes twinkle.  Here’s a list of goodies that lets them show the world just how much they like technology: 1. White Circuit Trace Necklace, 2. Circuit Board Business Card Case,  3. Circuit Board Clipboard, 4. Click Dip-Switch Watch, 5. Circuit Board Coasters, 6. Circuit Board Cufflinks

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The Awe Inspiring World of Danny Brito

Danny Brito is a creative genius who has been working on interesting and unique projects including his Polaroid Project.  He likes to illustrate girls in cute dresses, monsters, and anything that pops into his head. When he’s not drawing he is likely to be found at his sewing machine, a thrift store, or cuddling with his puppies in bed.   We’ve fallen head over heels with his colorful artwork and the instagram feed of his art and adorable puppies.  If you are looking for an extraordinary gift you should take a look at his site.  Continue reading for our favorite Danny Brito goodies after the jump.

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Craftsy: The gift for Your DIY Genius

Are you searching for a gift for the Crafty MacGyver in your life? We’ve got you covered!  For those that can transform a thrift store calamity into the most admired dress of the party the best gift is more knowledge. That is where Craftsy comes in.  Craftsy is the fastest-growing online crafting community on the web. Go to their website to browse their online classes, patterns from indie designers, deals and more!  We’ve listed our top online class picks after the jump.

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