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Guide to Buying a Guitar 2014 Holiday Edition

Guide To Buy A Guitar
Our friend’s at Gables Guitar Studio put together an in depth guide to buying an acoustic guitar. It is perfect for those looking to buy a guitar as a gift this Holiday season, but whom are feeling overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite amount of options. My favorite tip in the guide is to steer clear of collector editions (unless, of course, you are a guitar collector). I always seem to gravitate towards “Special Edition Guitars” but in reality I would rather have a high quality guitar than a lower quality special edition. If you are in the market for a new guitar this guide is a MUST read. Also, they will be posting a guide with tips and recommendations to buying electric guitars soon.

Gables Guitar Halloween 2013 Playlist

Halloween Playlist Our friends at Gables Guitar are gearing up for their Halloween Bash 2013! Being all music lovers there, they take the Playlist very seriously. The following is a list of 30 songs you are sure to hear at Gables Guitar’s Halloween party.

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Gifts For Your iPhone Aficionado Friend

I should be attending a smartphone addict meeting.  The last thing I do is check my email in bed and guess what is the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning?  You guessed it!  I check my email. As I write this post I am a little sickened by my attachment to my iPhone.  At least I recognize I have a problem and I am taking steps to correct this behavior.  Nonetheless, you might know at least one person like me and we would love to receive iPhone related presents.  Anything that makes my smart phone easier to carry around, more convenient or more useful would be greatly appreciated by us – iPhone addicts :) Here are a few ideas:  1. Volkswagen Bus iPhone Case, 2. Portable iPhone Charger, 3. Mini Wooden Speaker, 4. Colored iPhone Alarm Docks

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Gifts For Your Music Lover

Stock up on gifts for your friend who will not allow a moment pass by without one of his/her favorite tunes blast through their brain.  We understand, music is a drug and some of us need it to avoid withdrawl jitters.  Here are some ideas to get you started: 1. A Vinyl Collection Puzzle, 2. Pick Punch, 3. Guitar Glasses and Coasters, 4. Opportunity Rocks Headphones in Hardwood, 5. Beats by Dre Solo HD On-Ear Headphone, 6. Classic Foldout USB Turntable

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iPod / iPhone Retro Looking Docks

One of the items I use the most around my house is my iPod dock. Actually, I have several of them; one in the kitchen, in the living room and the library. Nothing beats cooking while dancing or playing pandora from the dock during a last minute get together. Here are some vintage looking docks with all the modern feaures your little heart desires: 1. Crosley iDuet Clock Radio with iPod Dock, 2. iDuet iPod Dock, 3. Crosley iDeco Universal iPod Dock, 4. Crosley Radio Ranchero

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Back to School For Geeks

College, High School & Middle School geeks rejoice!  School is starting up again and giving you a chance to show your love for all things geeky: 1. Marshall Amp Laptop Bag, 2. Portal 2 Aperture iPad Sleeve, 3. Periodic GeNiUS, 4. Here to Ruin the Curve, 5. Organ Transport Lunch Cooler, 7. The Bag of Holding Messenger Bag
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Smart, Fully Integrated Guitar Cases + More

MONO is a San Francisco-based company specializing in cases and accessories for music industry professionals.  Their gear is functional and beautifully designed.  This is a peek at the range of products they offer.   However, for more products and details keep reading after the jump: 1. Mono Case M80 Dual Electric Guitar Case, 2. Mono Case M80 Electric Guitar Case, 3. Cymbal Case, 4. Kondensor DJ Case, 5. Warsaw Guitar Strap, 6. Fader DJ Mixer Case
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Collecting Cool Headphones

There is something about finding a nice pair of headphones.   They make you want to listen to music, practice your electronic drum set or simply immerse yourself in your own thoughts. We couldn’t stop ourselves  from building a headphone collection and it has come in very handy. For example, we never board a plane without noise canceling headphones and have survived crying-baby-snoring-passenger flights.  Now if we could find the equivalent to a smell canceling device we’d all be golden :)  Anyhoo, here are come cool headphones we recently stumbled upon: 1. Panasonic RP HTX7 Headphones, 2. Star Wars Headphones, 3. Marshall Major Headphones, 4. Urbanears ‘Plattan’ Headphones Red, 5.  Skullcandy Aviator Headphones, 6. Opportunity Rocks Headphones in Hardwood

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Father’s Day Gift Series: Marshall Fridge

Any Dad who enjoys Rock or plays an instrument will be impressed by the Marshall Fridge – coolest refrigerator ever!  This 4.4 cubic ft mini fridge Resembles a Marshall Guitar Amplifier Half Stack.  The Marshall fridge includes Jim Marshalls legendary signature, Marshall authentic logos and control knobs that turn up to 11.  The perfect addition to your Dad’s man cave.  More pictures below.

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Unique Gift: The Art of Julie West

Julie West started out as a traditional media artist – using primarily acrylic, gouache, and technical pens. After spending a few years working as a print and web designer, various computer and design related elements began to surface in her work. Now her work is created with traditional means about half of the time – the rest being digital or a combination of the two.

Here are some of her brilliant collaborations: 1. Mr. Lion mousepad for Poketo, 2. Julie West Chubby Book for Pinkghost, 3. Julie West Artist Bags for Jansport, 4. Julie West Tea Set for Click for Art, 5. Raindrop Girl Mugo Player, 6. Julie West UK Dunny for Kidrobot, 7. Julie West Artist Series Sunglasses for Angel Eyewear

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