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Awesome Gift: Colorful Coffee Makers

Caffettiera 34oz French Press Coffee Maker

Unlike a filter coffee maker, a French Press retains coffee beans’ essential oils, resulting in a more aromatic, richer-tasting brew. Bodum’s 34oz Caffettierra is the perfect size for a family or anyone who needs enough fuel for the whole day. The new model features a thicker glass carafe to prevent breakage. The lid and handles add a fun, vintage pop of color to the kitchen. A great and affordable gift for your favorite java aficionado.

Caffettiera 12oz French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum’s 12oz Caffettierra is the perfect size for those looking to limit their caffeine intake or anyone who wants to savor rather than snarf.

34oz Pour Over Coffee Maker

Custom brew a delicious, premium batch of coffee to your exact specifications with bodum’s 34-oz. pour-over coffee maker. The crystal-clear glass carafe is girded with a colorful rubber handle for an easy, insulated pour. Meanwhile, the titanium-plated mesh filter keeps coffee rich and pure in taste (and it’s reusable, too).


Gifts For Coffee Lovers & Addicts

I’ve had an on and off relationship with Coffee. I love the smell and the taste but don’t like the cravings so much. Nonetheless, when a migraine feels like kicking in, a Cuppa Joe comes in very handy. We all have our avid coffee drinkers and nothing would make them happier than some accessories for their favorite beverage: 1. My Cuppa Coffee, 2. Get Well Cappuccino Mug Set,  3. Keurig Special Edition Home Brewing System – B60, 4. De’Longhi kMix Espresso Machine, 5. Rocket Espresso Cup, 6. Starbucks Vanilla Syrup
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