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Tech Gifts & Gadgets For Your Engadget Fan

cool-tech-gadgets-technology-giftsI just stumbled upon Urban Outfitter’s newest games and gadgets and had a minor heart attack. There are so many cool and cute things! I want all the gadgets! Well, who doesn’t want an instax iPhone printer?! If you know anyone who loves Polaroid instant photographs AND loves to Instagram, keep on reading because this post is for you. Lately, I’ve been on an Instagram bender and feel like I’m starting to see the world through that little square view finder. I do have 5 Instagram accounts so I’m constantly on the social network. Five you say? Yes! I like to start new projects every week. Crazy little me. If you are interested in all my side shenanigans here’s a run down of my other crazy stuff:
? Dapper Animals – we live life by the rules of “Live The Cute Life Manifesto”. Surround yourself with cuteness.
❤️️ Coral Gables Love – I cover all the cool things to do, eat, and shop in the town I live in: Coral Gables, FL.
? South Florida Bloggers – I started a friendly blogger meet up in South Florida. You should join!
? Gables Guitar – Oh, I run a private guitar lesson studio with Brian too!
Enough about me! Let’s talk some gadgets.?

Instagram Photo Stream Touchscreen Cube

This portable chubby touchscreen will show photos and videos from your Instagram feed. Just connect to Wi-Fi and it will sync with your Instagram account. Wait, there’s more! You can even like pics from this adorable screen. Who doesn’t want this super cute real life Instagram cube?! The Instagram cube includes a rechargeable battery with micro-USB power cord, a built-in speaker, a 768 x 768 LCD display, and 4GB memory.
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Gifts For Your Flexible Yoga Friend

Whether you are looking to buy a gift for someone who does yoga everyday, multiple times a day, and doesn’t care about materialistic things; or for someone who tends to go to yoga class right before their shopping sprees – you can’t go wrong with a yoga mat. It doesn’t matter what brand of yoga mat you own, if you use it everyday you will need to replace it eventually. Daily use wears the little grooves designed to stick to your feet, making the surface slippery when you sweat. So take a look at these beautiful yoga mats I found at Urban Outfitters and other colorful stores and see if any of them catch your eye.

Orla Kiely For Target

The fancy designer Orla Kiely teamed up with Target to produce a line of Yoga Mats, Bags, Water Bottles and other goodies. Being an Orla Kiely fan, I of course swooned over every item.

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Gifts For The Gardening Enthusiast

PKS Castor Trowel

Handmade in Austria by PKS, this copper and beechwood trowel has a wide, shallow scoop, making it a practical, all-around tool for weeding, planting, and transplanting. Copper improves soil and plant health by increasing water retention and deterring slugs and snails. Compared to iron and steel, naturally rust-proof copper also reduces friction with the soil, making the curved blade slice into soil with a smooth, controlled action. Each trowel arrives in a custom, gift-ready box packed with natural aspen shavings.

Nontron Utility Knife

Famed for knife-making since the 1400’s, the village of Nontron is home to France’s oldest continuously-operating cutlery forge. Six artisans hand-craft Nontron’s one-of-a-kind knives using a 40-step process, carving handles from local, aged boxwood and burning traditional markings. Blades are forged from 440 stainless steel for excellent edge retention. This high-carbon material reaches Rockwell 58 hardness, making each knife an everlasting gift or practical heirloom.

PKS Nunki Weeder

This copper and beechwood weeder features a sharp, curved blade to loosen weeds and roots.

Shiitake Mushroom Log

Grow your own crops of delicious, edible mushrooms with this innovative, giftable log. Each hand-cut hardwood log is inoculated with spores that will sprout organic shiitake mushrooms—a fast-growing, flavorful variety that’s perfect for first-time growers. Start the growing process by soaking the log in water, and you’ll be able to grow multiple crops for up to 3 years.

Fern Terrarium Kit

Easily grow a garden under glass with this giftable kit, each terrain-exclusive set stocked with everything needed to cultivate a lush terrarium filled with ferns and moss.

Hanging Tillandsia Grow Kit

Hang a tiny garden anywhere with this giftable tillandsia grow kit. Each kit contains a live air plant and all the elements needed to create the perfect environment where it can grow and flourish.

Ilse Jacobsen Laced Rain Boot

Designed in Denmark and hand-crafted from sustainable, single-estate rubber, these lace-up boots from Ilse Jacobsen can withstand even the rainiest of days. Adjustable laces, a cozy lining, and cheerful colors make these boots a welcome wardrobe addition when the weather is gloomy.

Myrtle Topiary

Elegantly shaped, this myrtle topiary adds a splash of vivid green to interior spaces. Each one is cultivated for up to two years to develop a full, polished form before it arrives at your home in a weathered clay pot.


Longboards: Colorful Fun Rides

Riviera Longboards Beta Fish 38” Complete Longboard

The Beta Fish 38″ longboard from Riviera Longboards is the little brother of the Sea Snake. This board has all the same qualities as the elder, but boasts a shorter wheel base and length to give it a “whippy” ride and a bit more agility when you’re busting flat-ground tricks. You’ll find more comfort on this board while free-riding and sliding at slower speeds than its older sibling.

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Gifts For Your Camera Toting Friends

I have friends who might as well have view finders instead of eyes.  They see the world through a camera lens and it is a privilege to see the world through their photographs.  Their world seems a little sweeter at times, a lot darker at others, and the little details I normally overlook can make a moment in time majestic .  Here are some gift ideas for those who carry their camera everywhere they go: 1. Camera Flask, 2. Zoom Kitchen Timer, 3. Iconic Camera Bag, 4. Fotostrap Avocado

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Lomography: Diana Baby Camera

I am jumping up and down in excitement about this Diana Baby Camera!  Mostly, because I have a healthy obsession with miniature things.  Who would not want a tiny camera to tote around that takes square photos on film?  The Diana Baby is ready to introduce you to the wonderful world of 110 photography! This tiny camera easily slides into your pocket and comes with the 24mm lens, perfect for capturing memories in stunning squares!

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The iPhone Lens Wallet

One of our favorite camera gift shops is Photojojo.  Whenever I am looking for a gift for someone that loves photography I check out the Photojojo website first.  They carry all kinds of nifty gadgets for your SLRs, Polaroids and iPhones including straps, lenses and waterproof cases.  Recently, I stumbled upon their iPhone Lens Wallet which you can purchase fully stocked or simply just the wallet.

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Smart, Fully Integrated Guitar Cases + More

MONO is a San Francisco-based company specializing in cases and accessories for music industry professionals.  Their gear is functional and beautifully designed.  This is a peek at the range of products they offer.   However, for more products and details keep reading after the jump: 1. Mono Case M80 Dual Electric Guitar Case, 2. Mono Case M80 Electric Guitar Case, 3. Cymbal Case, 4. Kondensor DJ Case, 5. Warsaw Guitar Strap, 6. Fader DJ Mixer Case
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Craftsy: The gift for Your DIY Genius

Are you searching for a gift for the Crafty MacGyver in your life? We’ve got you covered!  For those that can transform a thrift store calamity into the most admired dress of the party the best gift is more knowledge. That is where Craftsy comes in.  Craftsy is the fastest-growing online crafting community on the web. Go to their website to browse their online classes, patterns from indie designers, deals and more!  We’ve listed our top online class picks after the jump.

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