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The Ultimate Gift Guide: Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Ultimate Gift Guide with ideas for everyone on your list #giftguide

It’s that time of the year again: Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Your inbox is overflowing with gift guides. Where do you even start? Don’t worry we have sorted it all out for you. We have all top gifts by categories so you can pick all your favorites without having to comb through pages and pages of products you don’t like. Plus, we are breaking down our suggestions by the person you are looking to buy for. After browsing our mega gift guide below you’ll be ready to cross everyone off your list, from the comfort of your computer. Avoid the long lines at the mall, just point, click and finish your holiday shopping!

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Colorful Gift Ideas For Your Stylish Yogi Friend

The holidays are around the corner and you find yourself wondering, “What should I get my friend who keeps inviting me to yoga class?” The answer is a cool yoga mat. We’ve rounded up some fashionable yoga mats that will express your friend’s personality while she works on her flexibility and inner peace. Continue Reading


Top Gifts To Cross Everyone Off Your List

It’s that time of the year again: Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Your inbox is overflowing with gift guides. Where do you even start? Don’t worry we have sorted it all out for you. We have all top gifts by categories so you can pick all your favorites without having to comb through pages and pages of products you don’t like. Plus, we are breaking down our suggestions by the person you are looking to buy for. After browsing our mega gift guide below you’ll be ready to cross everyone off your list, from the comfort of your computer. Avoid the long lines at the mall, just point, click and finish your holiday shopping!

Kids Gift Ideas

Land of Nod 20% Off + FREE Shipping

Kids Play Tents, Play Houses, & Teepees

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Kids Costumes

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Kids Giant Toys

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Kid Rider Toys

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Kids Play Sets

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Baby Rattles

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Christmas Decorations

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Advent Calendars

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Gift Ideas For Her


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Fall Booties

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Trendy Shoes

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Plaid Scarfs, Capes, & Ponchos

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For The Cat Lover

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For The Fashion Blogger

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Designer Shoes

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Designer Bags & Accessories

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Gifts For Him

Clothes & Accessories

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Tech Gifts

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Kitchen Gifts For Those That Love To Cook

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Office & Secret Santa Gift Ideas

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Gifts For Star Wars Fans

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Adorable Handbags For Cute Fashionistas

cute-handbags-for-her2Do you describe your style as cute? Do you like chubby purses? Do you like to wear graphic tees and sweaters with cute animals? Do you know someone who loves everything cute? Well, then this post is for you. These handbags would be a perfect gift for Betsey Johnson lovers. If they own the Betsey Johnson phone bag, they will love these bags too. I’m just saying… I love that bag and a LOVE these bags. I’m saving up for the Kate Spade Lucky Cat bag, it’s my current kawaii goal. I must achieve my goals! :) Let’s get started!

Strawberry Styled Sweetly Bag

strawberry-handbagHoly Moly how adorable is this chubby strawberry bag? The inside has a fruity fabric to go along with the produce theme. I think they did an excellent job executing this design. This bag also gets brownie points for being a hard shaped bag. It keeps it’s kawaii strawberry shape no matter what you fill it up with. If you know a strawberry lover or cuteness collector, do not hesitate to get this bag for them!

Good Fortune Cat Bag by Kate Spade

lucky-cat-kate-spade-bag-good-fortuneI’m not sure which is my favorite bag in this round up. There’s a tie between the strawberry bag above and this SUPER chubby fortune cat bag by Kate Spade. It’s so awesomely fat I cannot contain myself. I have started a fortune cat handbag fund because it’s worth it. If you know a Kate Spade fan, this would be an amazing and unique gift.

Dino clutch Handbag

Dino-Clutch-BagForever21 brought back their dinosaur clutch bag. I love love love this bag. It is truly a conversation piece. I can’t imagine walking around town without people pointing out my dinosaur handbag. I also appreciate that it has a cute shape but otherwise it’s a simple, all black clutch. Great gift for dinosaur lover fashionistas. Oh, we exist – believe it!

Heart Bag in Pink

heart-bag-in-pinkThis heart bag by Brit-Stitch is part of their shoulder handbag collection. This bag comes in so many amazing colors I just want to start a Brit-Stitch bag collection. It would go perfectly with my Melissa shoes collection!

Mouse Purse by Kate Spade

mouse-hand-bag-kate-spadeThis is another Kate Spade bag in the shape of a mouse. I’m a sucker for things shaped like animals. A teapot in the shape of a cat? Yes, I’ll have two please! So when I stumbled upon this little mouse bag, I had to include it in the cute bag roundup. I also noticed a mouse shoe trend going on. This bag would match perfectly when you’re wearing Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld Ultragirl Cat Flats. You’d be wearing the cat and the mouse! Haha – awesome.

Purple Glossy Lips Clutch

purple-glossy-lips-clutch-handbagHow fantastic are these plump and glossy lips? I can imagine carrying this clutch while partying. Doesn’t this bag just scream, “I’m here to party!”?

Let me know what you think about these cute bags in the comments!


8 Items You Need From The Kate Spade Labor Day Sale

kates-spade-labor-dayKate Spade New York is taking an additional 25% off their items on sale this Labor Day weekend with promo Code DELIGHT. The sale ends Monday, September 7, 2015. So don’t sleep on it! I took a look at the sale items and there are a ton of cute handbags that are worth investing in. Nonetheless, I whittled it down to my top 8 must have pieces. Let’s get started!

Julia Street Camplin by Kate Spade

This adorable chubby handbag is available in two colors: beige and bright red. The inside is lined with a beautiful and classic bookstripe fabric. The hardware is plated with 14 karat gold and it includes an adjustable shoulder strap. I really love the shape of this satchel. It’s almost square with a signature bow accent. Just like most Kate Spade Pieces it’s serious yet playful. A great bag for everyday use and taking to work. It’s original price is $348 and it’s marked down to $243. With the promo code it comes out to $182! That’s almost half off. I was serious when I said you shouldn’t sleep on these deals :) julia-street-tote-kate-spade2 Continue Reading


Tech Gifts & Gadgets For Your Engadget Fan

cool-tech-gadgets-technology-giftsI just stumbled upon Urban Outfitter’s newest games and gadgets and had a minor heart attack. There are so many cool and cute things! I want all the gadgets! Well, who doesn’t want an instax iPhone printer?! If you know anyone who loves Polaroid instant photographs AND loves to Instagram, keep on reading because this post is for you. Lately, I’ve been on an Instagram bender and feel like I’m starting to see the world through that little square view finder. I do have 5 Instagram accounts so I’m constantly on the social network. Five you say? Yes! I like to start new projects every week. Crazy little me. If you are interested in all my side shenanigans here’s a run down of my other crazy stuff:
? Dapper Animals – we live life by the rules of “Live The Cute Life Manifesto”. Surround yourself with cuteness.
❤️️ Coral Gables Love – I cover all the cool things to do, eat, and shop in the town I live in: Coral Gables, FL.
? South Florida Bloggers – I started a friendly blogger meet up in South Florida. You should join!
? Gables Guitar – Oh, I run a private guitar lesson studio with Brian too!
Enough about me! Let’s talk some gadgets.?

Instagram Photo Stream Touchscreen Cube

This portable chubby touchscreen will show photos and videos from your Instagram feed. Just connect to Wi-Fi and it will sync with your Instagram account. Wait, there’s more! You can even like pics from this adorable screen. Who doesn’t want this super cute real life Instagram cube?! The Instagram cube includes a rechargeable battery with micro-USB power cord, a built-in speaker, a 768 x 768 LCD display, and 4GB memory.
Cube-Social-Media-Photo-Stream Continue Reading


Sobie Graphie Etsy Shop: Handpainted Whimsical Gifts

SG-pineapple-cat I have fallen in love with the hand drawn illustrations of French artist, Sobi Graphie. They are quirky, funny, and adorable. She draws expressive cute characters that make you want to collect them all. Just look at that cat’s face with a pineapple on its head! The best part is she draws on everyday items you can admire and use everyday. Check out the Sobigraphie Etsy Shop and you might end up with a bunch of illustrated drinkware and totes. I am definitely bookmarking her shop for future gift purchases for my quirky and art loving friends.

SG-unicorn-toteI am a huge fan of unicorns and chubby things. So of course I was attracted to her chubby unicorn illustrations. This “In Unicorn We Trust” Tote Bag is the perfect bag to take to the beach or pool. It’s a no hassle canvas tote that fits bulky items easily. I would also take this trusty bag to the bookstore or farmer’s market. Continue Reading


Grab Your Summer Tote For Fun On The Go

Go hassle free this summer with totes! What’s great about totes is that they are roomy and practical. When you need to run out the door, you can simply stuff all the things in your bag as you run around your place grabbing beach essentials. Totes are also great for book worms that like to read good old paper books. I read a bunch on my iPad and Nook but I alternate between paper books and ebooks because my eyes get tired of the glare. So when I’m carrying around actual books, it’s easy to stuff them in a tote with a blanket to go read at a park. I’m sure you can think of a hundred other practical uses for totes this summer. So let’s get started with the awesome totes I found online!

Shop Summer Totes

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Cath Kidston Bookbag with Gusset

This all over heart pattern tote reminds me of a raincoat I used to have when I was three years old. I loved that coat. It was navy blue with big red hearts. I’d wear it with rain boots and jump on puddles all afternoon. Grab this tote full of hearts and play like your inner child wants to! Continue Reading

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Cat Mugs For Your Cat Lover or Cat Lady

It’s almost Mother’s Day! Is your mother a cat lady? Are you yourself a cat lover? Maybe you know an animal lover who could use some cheering up. Are you searching for a gift for someone who doesn’t hate cats? Well, then this post is for you! During my relentless browsing of the internet I have found quite a selection of cat mugs. It’s no big surprise since the internet loves cats. I’m excited to be sharing them with you because mugs are such useful gifts. Everyone needs mugs at work and at home; and mugs tend to disappear. So everyone appreciates a mug. The trick comes down to finding a mug with a theme that matches the gift receiver’s personality. Do not fret too much in this regard because people happily drink coffee from boring, old, tacky, real estate mugs. If you find a theme they like to go with their mug, you just get some wonderful brownie points. I like brownie points, so I would go for themes that most people appreciate – like cats. Ready to dive down a wormhole of feline drinkware? Here we go!

Shop Cat Mugs

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Smiling Cat Mug Set of 2

Help non-morning people fight their early grumpiness with a smiling cat mug. Who can resist that adorable smile and pink little nose? This smiling cat mug is sure to cheer up anyone’s morning. Plus, the inside of the mug has a tiny little cat paw!

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