Sobie Graphie Etsy Shop: Handpainted Whimsical Gifts

SG-pineapple-cat I have fallen in love with the hand drawn illustrations of French artist, Sobi Graphie. They are quirky, funny, and adorable. She draws expressive cute characters that make you want to collect them all. Just look at that cat’s face with a pineapple on its head! The best part is she draws on everyday items you can admire and use everyday. Check out the Sobigraphie Etsy Shop and you might end up with a bunch of illustrated drinkware and totes. I am definitely bookmarking her shop for future gift purchases for my quirky and art loving friends.

SG-unicorn-toteI am a huge fan of unicorns and chubby things. So of course I was attracted to her chubby unicorn illustrations. This “In Unicorn We Trust” Tote Bag is the perfect bag to take to the beach or pool. It’s a no hassle canvas tote that fits bulky items easily. I would also take this trusty bag to the bookstore or farmer’s market.

I am already dreaming of having a tea party with this Handpainted Tea Set. Picture colorful macarons and mini pastries to go along with this black and white, hand drawn tea pot and cups! It’s the perfect gift for cat lovers, unicorn lovers, fox lovers, deer lovers, and animal lovers in general. It’s time to start having more tea parties! Oh, oh, imagine having a book club/tea party! I think I’m going to start planning one.

SG-cat-flippinf-bird Check out this “Un jour les chats…” (One day the cats will rule the world) tote bag. Is that little thing flipping the bird? I’m going to say that it is! Hahaha I have added this guy to my shopping cart because who doesn’t like a mischievous cat giving the finger? If you have a friend that likes Angry Little Girls merch, they will love this cat.

SG-mug-cat-gold For gifting occasions at the office or cat lady friend birthdays I suggest you go with the cat with gold details mug. It’s cute, simple and classy.

For those unicorn and coffee lovers get the “In Unicorn We Trust” Mug. Maybe that someone is yourself 😉

SG-french-cat-tote2This “French cat” Tote Bag has an illustrated cat with a striped shirt, bow tie and mustache. If you have a French bakery near by, fill this adorable tote with baguettes! You can also fill it with normal things or give it to a friend.

Handpainted Tea CupsThere are other designs of Handpainted Tea cups with gold details.  Designs available include fox, deer, cat, and winged unicorn. Grab one of each and complete your set.

SG-unicorn-we-trust-mugs-w-saucerThis Unicorn mug with saucer gives you enough room to hold your cookies with you coffee or tea. The saucer has a banner that says “in unicorns we trust”. I definitely trust unicorns. Do you?

Cat Flipping Bird Tote




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