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Cat Mugs For Your Cat Lover or Cat Lady

It’s almost Mother’s Day! Is your mother a cat lady? Are you yourself a cat lover? Maybe you know an animal lover who could use some cheering up. Are you searching for a gift for someone who doesn’t hate cats? Well, then this post is for you! During my relentless browsing of the internet I have found quite a selection of cat mugs. It’s no big surprise since the internet loves cats. I’m excited to be sharing them with you because mugs are such useful gifts. Everyone needs mugs at work and at home; and mugs tend to disappear. So everyone appreciates a mug. The trick comes down to finding a mug with a theme that matches the gift receiver’s personality. Do not fret too much in this regard because people happily drink coffee from boring, old, tacky, real estate mugs. If you find a theme they like to go with their mug, you just get some wonderful brownie points. I like brownie points, so I would go for themes that most people appreciate – like cats. Ready to dive down a wormhole of feline drinkware? Here we go!

Shop Cat Mugs

Smiling Cat Mug Set of 2

Help non-morning people fight their early grumpiness with a smiling cat mug. Who can resist that adorable smile and pink little nose? This smiling cat mug is sure to cheer up anyone’s morning. Plus, the inside of the mug has a tiny little cat paw!

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Bunnie Cakes Valentine’s Day Menu

Valentine’s Day is almost here and Bunnie Cakes has everything you need to
make your Valentine’s Day sweet! BunnieCakes is the only specialty vegan and gluten free bakery located in Miami, Florida. Why would you buy vegan and gluten-free? Many people are allergic to dairy, eggs and gluten – you don’t have to worry about that with Bunnie Cakes. Vegan eating is also better for the environment and more compassionate as no one is hurt in the making of their baked goods. Check out the Official Bunnie Cakes Valentine’s Day Menu and place an order today :)

It’s the perfect solution for your sweetie or office / school parties! They offer: cakes, cupcakes, flowers, balloons, and plush dolls. Your one stop shop for Valentine’s Day – and you are supporting a great local business! It’s a delicious no brainer :)

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ASOS Valentines Gift Guide For Her

I was wondering what kind of clothes ASOS would have in their Valentine’s gift guide but I was surprised to see a bunch of quirky products besides just clothes. Actually, their selection was pretty spot on. I kind of want most of the products for myself. So I went ahead and rounded up my favorite gifts from their guide below. Enjoy!

Mouse Jelly iPhone 5 Case

iPhone case by ASOS Collection. This protective 100% rubber case has a mouse design with extended ears. It is suitable for use with iPhone 5.

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Top Games for Board Game Aficionados

You are looking for a gift for a friend who loves to play board games, the geeky kind, but are at a loss for what to get them? Do not fret! Here is a list of the top co-operative Board Games. That means all the players work together to win. Yay! Team work!

Escape: The Curse of The Temple

Escape: The Curse of the Temple is a cooperative game in which players must escape from a temple which is cursed before the temple collapses and kills one or more explorers, thereby causing everyone to lose. Escape is played in real-time, with all players rolling dice and taking actions simultaneously as they play along to a soundtrack.

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Adorable TONYMOLY Personal Care Products

I have to say that I do, at first glance, judge books by their cover. Sometimes awful book covers keep me from reading great books until they are personally recommended by a trusted source. On the other spectrum I have read some real turds because they had amazing books covers; but I’m not talking about books today. I’m talking about the cutest personal care products I have ever seen: TONYMOLY. I started seeing some ridiculously adorable lip glosses in the shape of a bunny when browsing Urban Outfitters; but today I spotted a fat Panda in the shape of an egg. What could that kawaii little chubby shape be holding? What is a Panda’s dream magic cream? Who cares! I’m buying that fat panda and the bunnies – of course I’m getting the bunnies.

TONYMOLY Panda’s Dream Magic Cream

ONYMOLY Panda’s Dream Magic Cream hydrates and brightens skin for a fresh, radiant glow. Apply to your skin as the last step in your skincare routine.

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Fun Stocking Stuffers/Cheapy Gifts

Magic Emotiball

The future is in your hands. Ask a yes or no question, shake the Magic Emotiball and get an answer in the form of an emoji face. Ten different outcomes with a key on the sides of the box with responses like “bleh probs not”, “yes obvi” “xoxo it is decidedly so” and “haha maybe later”.

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Awesome Gift: Colorful Coffee Makers

Caffettiera 34oz French Press Coffee Maker

Unlike a filter coffee maker, a French Press retains coffee beans’ essential oils, resulting in a more aromatic, richer-tasting brew. Bodum’s 34oz Caffettierra is the perfect size for a family or anyone who needs enough fuel for the whole day. The new model features a thicker glass carafe to prevent breakage. The lid and handles add a fun, vintage pop of color to the kitchen. A great and affordable gift for your favorite java aficionado.

Caffettiera 12oz French Press Coffee Maker

Bodum’s 12oz Caffettierra is the perfect size for those looking to limit their caffeine intake or anyone who wants to savor rather than snarf.

34oz Pour Over Coffee Maker

Custom brew a delicious, premium batch of coffee to your exact specifications with bodum’s 34-oz. pour-over coffee maker. The crystal-clear glass carafe is girded with a colorful rubber handle for an easy, insulated pour. Meanwhile, the titanium-plated mesh filter keeps coffee rich and pure in taste (and it’s reusable, too).


Jack Threads Watches For Men

Jack Threads has a great selection of watches for men. Most of them look really cool with a price in the $45 range. They also do sell more expensive watches for those who like to spend more on their time telling accessories. Below are our top picks for cool watches to gift this Holiday season.

Breda Steve Watch

This watch means business. Classic details make the oversized face perfect for anytime, be it work or weekend.

Cork Watch

For the tree-hugger or wine-lover in you, we’ve got an exclusive cork watch that’ll add texture to your wrist, because sometimes a timepiece that’s totally different and unexpected makes more of a statement than a flashy, $1,000 metal one.

Breda Colton Watch

This watch from Breda is a great piece for everyday wear, designed with a comfortable silicone band. Bright details make it a standout.

Nixon 51-30 Tide Watch

How badass is this Nixon watch? Dark wood meets stainless steel for a look that’s cool and manly at the same time. And it’s water-resistant up to 300 meters in case you accidentally (or purposely) wear it in the pool.

Of All Threads Grey Dial Synthetic Leather Strap Watch

Prove to the world that you don’t need diamonds and gold on your watch for it to turn heads.A black band with a gray face is simple but makes a bold statement.

G-Shock GA-100 Limited Edition Watch

A classic G-Shock watch gets the bright red treatment for a piece that makes a bold statement. Rock it with joggers, jeans and other things that aren’t your suit.

Herringbone Watch

This herringbone is classic fashion.

Stephen Watch by Breda

You’ll be on time and stay on top of your things when your watch face is this bold, while a classic brown band keeps things from getting too wild.

Akribos XXIV Saturnos Watch

For the dude who loves to know how everything works, this Akribos XXIV watch features a transparent face to display the inner workings. A richly embossed leather band adds dapper detail.