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Cheap Adorable Gift: Earbud Headphones

Everyone needs headphones. Sometimes you need to keep a set in your car, in your purse, or your jacket because you never know when you are going to want to watch a video without volume. It’s a no brainer really. Let’s say you are sitting in a waiting room and want to enjoy YouTube videos without bothering everyone else in the place. You pull out your convenient earphones and listen away. They are easy to carry and available in so many colors and designs that you can pick one that fits you perfectly. So this year, you can’t go wrong with giving earphones because you can never have enough of these little gadgets. As you can see below, there are cute designs, colorful designs and even manly football team designs. Fox & The Sound Earbuds | Boo The World’s Cutest Dog Headphones | Leading Hedgehog Earphones | Happy Plug Colorful Earphones | Metallic Moment Headphones | Prancing Terrier Earbuds | Pittsburg Steelers Earbuds


Top 10 Secret Santa Gifts

If your office holding a white elephant gift exchange and you are stumped for ideas, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top 10 gift ideas for secret santa gift exchanges. They all range between $20 – $30.

1. Sparq Wine Pearls

Quickly chill white wines, young, fruity reds, sparkling wines and more with these innovative stainless steel wine pearls. Thanks to a food-safe gel interior that freezes solid and a stainless steel exterior that conducts cold, these pearls chill your wine without dilution.

2. Noctua Bottle Opener

Who couldn’t use a bottle opener? Even if the person has one already, they don’t have one like this.

3. Smart Phone Tripod

Panoramic pics are cool, but they’re kinda hard to get right…until now! The Panoramic Pic Smart Phone Mount works with your panorama-compatible smartphone to create the perfect panoramic image. Just attach to your phone, wind up the pod, put it on the included tripod (or on any flat surface) and let it do its thing. The result is a optimum-quality panoramic image.

4. Desktop Table Tennis

When you need a break from studying or working, enjoy a game of table tennis right on your desk. The set comes in a beautiful, vintage box crafted from New Zealand pine.

5. Smartphone Projector

Vintage-inspired projector for your smartphone! Made from corrugated cardboard this genius invention lets you project things from the small screen of your phone onto the wall for easier viewing. Easy to assemble + easy to use, the projector also amplifies the sound. No need for an additional power source, but there is two slots at the back to accommodate your own charger. Compatible with most smartphones.

6. Many Hands Pen Knife

For the gent in your life. Lend a helping hand with this multi-functional stainless steel pen knife. Great as a gift for the first time renter, its twelve tools range from a screwdriver to a wine bottle opener to a nail clipper.

7. S’mores Maker

Is there anything tastier than a perfectly roasted marshmallow on a graham cracker with melted chocolate? We thought not. Now you can make s’mores, hassle-free, in the comfort of your home. Campfire not included.

8. Drinking Horn

Toss back your mead (or beer, as the case may be) with all the rough bravado of an Iron Age Germanic tribesman celebrating the sacking of Rome. Since the pointed base makes it impossible to put down (and why would you want to?), Das Horn comes with both a neck strap to keep it within arm’s reach and a plastic stand for triumphant display of your vessel of choice.

9. Dot Insulated Tumbler

An insulated tumbler with signature dots is so stylish that even slurping will look cute. The straw makes it easy to sip on the go, while the faux-disposable top adds a pop homage to movie concessions and fast-food soft drinks.

10. Extendable Selfie Stick

Say goodbye to selfies limited by your lack of gorilla arms. Capture your best angles and the vista in the background with an expandable smartphone mount that can also connect to a traditional camera or a tripod. Simply clamp in your phone, set the timer and be your selfie.


Ice Cream Pop & Sammy Shaped Molds

Why have regular shaped anything if you can make it awesome?  If you follow our Instagram feed you might have realized we’re on a heart shaped crazy rampage.  It all started with the purchase of a Heart Cookie Cutter Set and I’ve been cutting bread, watermelon, butter and even arepas into fun shapes.  Unfortunately, our cookie cutters can only go so far and we’ve found Ice Cream Pop and Sandwich (Sammy) Shaped Molds: 1. Star Ice Pop Mold, 2. Set of 6 Jewels Ice Pop Molds, 3. Set of 3 Classic Icons Ice Cream Sandwich Makers, 4. Ice Cream Pop Swirl Mold, 5. Perfect Cube Ice Tray
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