Colorful Gift Ideas For Your Stylish Yogi Friend

The holidays are around the corner and you find yourself wondering, “What should I get my friend who keeps inviting me to yoga class?” The answer is a cool yoga mat. We’ve rounded up some fashionable yoga mats that will express your friend’s personality while she works on her flexibility and inner peace.

After This We’re Getting Pizza Yoga Mat

Best Gift Ideas For Your Yoga Loving Friend - a colorful yoga mat

Think of it this way: You may need those post-workout calories to sustain you through the next sweat session. So while you think about loading up on cheesy carbs, keep motivated with this super comfy mat that understands your true motivation for exercise.

Designer Quilted Yoga Mat by No Ka’Oi

Designer Quilted Yoga Mat in Mint

No Ka’Oi’s mat is cut from quilted microfiber that’s fused with sponge to provide a soft, cushioned finish. This mint style is trimmed with gummed non-slip material that keeps it in place during your practice. It’s ideal for yoga but works for pilates and stretching, too.

Geometric Yoga Bag

This versatile yoga bag is designed to perform anywhere you choose. Carry your mat & essentials to class or run away to a deserted island for the weekend, it’s got your back. Comfy straps, extra pockets, all combined with an luxurious exterior finish help this bag become an everyday must-have.

I Did My Best Yoga Mat

While you do your best at the gym, this exercise mat is great for attempting that fifth headstand or other difficult yoga poses. And after you’ve tried your hardest, its comfy enough to take a bit of a breather and a five-minute snooze.

Design Yoga Man In Feather Print

Gift Idea For Your Yogi, Design Mat in Leaf Print

Drifting away, as light as a feather this reduced Black and White design yoga mat seems to make it so easy. And with a weight of just 1,1kg this mat itself is lightweight.

Design Yoga Mat in Modern Mountain Print

Beautiful yoga mat with colorful and modern mountain print

Mixing art and graphic design, Elisabeth draws her inspiration from nature. Her works are always bright with a strong use of mixed colours. Absorbent and grippy microfiber top bonded to thick natural tree rubber base. It’s eco-friendly, biodegradable, and made of recyclable 100% natural tree rubber. Ideal for yoga, Bikram, hot yoga, sweaty practice, pilates, and general exercise.

Colorblocked Stripped Yoga Pants

Colorblock stripped yoga pants or leggings. Workout in style!

A former yoga instructor’s fruitless search for functional, flattering and stylish workout wear led her to design her own.

Flamingo Yoga Mat

Colorful yoga mat in flamingo print

Sueded on one side to absorb sweat and maximize traction like a towel and bonded to biodegradable, no-slip rubber, this color-rich yoga mat is a luxurious two-in-one combo that’ll simplify your routine.

The Yoga Kitchen

Gift For Your Favorite Yogi - The Yoga Kitchen

Eating well is an act of mindfulness that pairs perfectly with the practice of yoga. Each chapter of this cookbook is based on an individual chakra, providing nutrient-rich, vegetarian and gluten-free recipes to help balance your body and mind.

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