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Spaghetti Squash Parmesan

We are avid rice eaters here, but sometimes it pays to change things up. Today we will give you a step by step run down of how we make Spaghetti Squash Parmesan. It’s really simple to make and delicious. I love how it tastes with lentils but you can have it with all kinds of dishes.

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Panda Sushi Face

I’ve been on a cute Japanese kitchen tool rampage.  I’ll write up a post showing my new goodies once they all arrive.  In the meantime, check out this adorable Panda Seaweed Nori Punch and Rice Mold Kit.  It makes rice look like a panda face!
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Colombian Tacos Recipe

Colombian Tacos: half Colombian and half American, half store-bought and half homemade, totally unique and entirely delicious!

When we have guests over for brunch, as we did this past weekend, Colombian Tacos are one of my never-failed, go-to recipes.  They are unique enough to entertain highly cultured food snobs, but familiar enough for picky kids and those with a shy palette.  Hooray, everyone wins!

Colombian Tacos are also really easy to make.  Anyone can make these even if you’re not an experienced cook. Let me tell you how it’s done:

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Juicing With The Veggie Mojito

Four our second juicer recipe we will make The Veggie Mojito.  We call it a mojito because it has mint but it tastes more like an exotic lemonade.  Nutritionists talk about a healthy diet having foods with many different colors.  You should eat bright foods of different colors and for example not eat all yellow foods like potatoes, rice, bread, etc.  With this juice you will definitely have taken care of your green food group.  Several people have asked if you boil the fruits and vegetables before putting them through the juicer.  The answer is no.  All the food that goes in the juicer should be raw – at least for the purpose of our recipes.

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Intro To Juicing It Up: Carrots & Oranges Recipe

We’ve been using our juicer for a month now and we feel healthier and more energized.  We started considering the juicer to get more servings of fruits and vegetables in our daily routine.  This holiday season, the juicer will be at the top of our list for anyone who is healthy or trying to become healthier.  Keep reading for a beginner’s recipe, books and the details of the juicer we finally purchased after thorough research.

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