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Gift Yourself Some Laughs: Top 5 Comedy Podcasts

Let’s go over this one more time… First, Video killed the radio star.  Then the Internet came and shortened our attention spans down to the point where even a 4 minute video seemed like too much of a hassle to continue serving as entertainment.  Then, oddly enough, long-form audio podcasting suddenly became more popular than free hugs!  Can you believe it?

Believe it.

If your fed up with listening to commercial radio on you daily commute or just feel like you could use some laughs, here’s a list of some dynamite shows that deliver the laughs every time:

5. The Todd Glass Show: I listen the Todd Glass Show each week to hear Todd and his friends create 90 minutes of pure joy.  Press play and hang on as Todd tries his best to maintain control of the show which always seems to be spiraling off from funny conversations into kitschy music and sound effect gags.  Regular listeners are rewarded with hilarious inside jokes and bizarre reoccurring characters.  I also really like how Todd makes a point of never going for any cheap laughs.  He never puts people down or makes jokes about people’s weight, appearance or sexual preference.  The Todd Glass show is a safe place for humor that some may find a little strange, but I find totally awesome!
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Colorful Bikes

Bike Republic Custom Bikes
Colorful bikes will change your life or your bike receiver’s life.  Get ready to feel the wind run through your hair on sunny days.  A monotonous drive to work will be transformed into prime picnic location scouting.  You will begin to notice quaint little parks in your city. Enjoy them!  We gave our first colorful bike as a gift and every single member in the household bought one for themselves – creating the most entertaining bike gang.  Let’s face it, you will end up buying one for yourself too.  We have purchased all of our bikes from our local shop Republic Bike.  Republic Bike offers two types of frames: the Aristotle, a minimal contemporary silhouette or the Plato Dutch frame pictured above.

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