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Skier Controlled Tow Boat

Don’t you hate it when you want to go wake boarding and you have to find a friend with a boat?  Even if you get a hold of the friend you have to take turns driving the boat and it’s a big hassel.  With this The Skier Controlled Tow Boat you can put it in your truck, head out and start skiing.

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Great Gifts For Kids

Continuing our search for unique children’s gifts we stumbled upon Little Goodall’s Etsy Shop.  Where she has the best animal coats for kids including the Ferocious Lion Coat.  I would like one of each in adult size please :)  Here are some other great gift ideas we found: 1. Chalk Table, 2. Tuning Street Racing RC Kit, 3. Playsam Rocket, 4. Ferocious Lion Coat, 5. Nesting Dolls

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Activities & Games: Gift Ideas For Kids

We have been looking for some gift ideas for kids that will get them moving around and set their imagination going.  Something to give them a break from their video games or computer for a little bit.  We have some great ideas right here: 1. Bowling Game Set, 2. Kids Shapes and Shadows Flashlights (Similar), 3. Wooden Art Easel, 4. Grab Ya Mechanical Claw, 5. Kids Carnival Toss
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