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Gifts For Your Book Club

I love shopping for my book worms.  They are so easy to shop for because anything that resembles a book will make them happy – literally.  If you haven’t found any book looking gifts don’t worry.  Any gift that make a reference to one of their favorite authors or books will be even better.  Here are some great examples of gifts for book snobs:  1. Literary iPhone Cases, 2. Eyeglass Pillowcase – Set of 2, 3. Literary Art Kindle Fire Case, 4. Index Finger Page-markers, 5. Personal Library Kit, 6. Floating Books Wall Shelf

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Gifts for Cool Kids

Gifts For Kids

We all enjoy unwrapping presents but kids have the excitement as a reflex.  Their faces literally light up.  Do they carry little spot lights around? We don’t know.  Here are some ideas to guarantee the endearing spectacle: 1. Vintage Pedal Plane, 2. Lego Storage Head, 3. Teepee Canvas Tent, 4. Jumping Hot Dog, 5. Build Your Own Kaleidoscope Kit

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