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Vampire Fangs Sign Teeth Halloween Decoration Party Decor

Lets’ start off with Happy Halloween! Since today is Friday, October 28th we have 3 days of costume parties and sweets overdosing. So in the spirit of  the festivities ahead our first post will cover Halloween decorations & ideas.  The wooden fangs above are hand cut out of plywood and painted by SlippinSouthern. You can find the fangs and many more handmade wooden goodies in the SlippinSouthern etsy shop including ravens, witches and pumpkins.

Pumpkins with Fangs

In case you haven’t carved your pumpkin(s), we haven’t either so don’t fret! It is pumpkin carvin’ fun prime time! This is a fanged pumpkin idea from the Martha Steward website that will definitely stand out from your regular jack-o-lantern. As always, they have a list of materials and step by step of how to get the biting pumpkins done. The fanged pumpkins are just 1 of 79 carving ideas for this weekend. There are many more Halloween articles and how-tos like severed finger invitations for your party guests.

Monster Cardboard Cutouts

Someone used their moving boxes to decorate their house with monster cardboard cutouts. The effect is incredible with back-lighting and big windows. They painted the cardboard with black paint and stuck them to the windows with duct tape. The eyes can be done with Modge Podge or Elmer’s Glue.


Dia De Los Muertos Make Up

Lately we have been stumbling on Dia de losMuertos/Skeleton painting costumes on pinterest. They really do look amazing and look like quite a commitment costume. Unless the paint is smudge resistant you’d have to pass on drinks and munchies all night ^____^! Enjoy the haunted craziness and we’ll see you next week!


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