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64 Colors is a multidisciplinary design studio located in Central Michigan (USA). Principals Laura + Eric work on a wide variety of projects which include graphic design, publishing, illustration, designer toys, merchandise production and fine art.  If you are looking for an adorable gift 64 Colors will deliver: 1. Insect Inside Mega Munny Custom, 2. 64 Colors Chubby Book, 3. Hello Kitty Marshall Customs, 4. 64 Colors for Blu Q Money Pouch. (Continue reading for more 64 Colors goodness after the jump.)

Laura + Eric seek to create projects and solutions which are a unique combination of commercial and fine art for clients and friends all over the world to see, experience and enjoy. Visit their website:

64 Colors Chubby Book

Artist Chubby Books are 250 page Hardcover books including 10 artist designed postcards, 100 lined pages and 150 sketch pages.

64 Colors for Blu Q Totes

64 Colors x Kidrobot Super Magical 8″ Dunny

Marshal Mini Figure by 64 Colors

Light The Way Poster by 64 Colors

Happy Gumdrop Mini Figures by 64 Colors – available at

Gumdrop Poster & Mini Figure by 64 Colors

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