Gifts For Your Bookworm

Bookworms tend to be easy to shop for.  With social reading sites like Good Reads it is simple to find out what is on their wishlist and the type of books they like.  If a book seems too obvious here are a few ideas they will be excited about. 1. Samsung Galaxy Nook, 2. Graphic Novels, 3. Mc Sweeny’s Subscription , 4. Vintage Typewriter, 5. Typewriter Brooch, 6. Reprinted Penguin Classics, 7. Personal Library Kit

We love reading on our Nook.  We can read an entire book on a lazy Sunday without having our poor eyes exhausted from staring at a glaring screen.  Yes, we also love our iPad for surfing the web and its apps but reading a long time on the iPad tires our eyes.  If you want to preserve your book worm’s eye holes we recommend the Nook.

Introduce your book worm to Graphic Novels!  It takes a while to get used to the different format but everyone should at least try them out.  The other upside of graphic novels is once you are done reading them, they look so pretty on the book shelf.

Mc Sweeny’s was founded by Dave Eggers and publishes several quarterly and monthly journals/magazines.

Vintage Typewriters look so pretty.  A book worm or writer would love to have one in their library or studio.  Head on over to ebay for an amazing selection of typewriters.

The etsy shop Crafty Folk has several vintage typewriter, camera and synthesizer brooches to pick from.

Penguin has reprinted their classics.  They are cloth-bound, hardcover and designed by coralie bickford-smith.   They are gorgeous and a great gift.

Help your bookworm keep track of their book collection.  With their Personal Library Kit they will know who has read & borrowed them.

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