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Top 10 Gifts For College Students

1. What Did I Buy Today Journal

Now that they are going off on their own. It’s time to help them learn financial responsibility and budgeting skills. Hopefully, you can steer them away from the dreaded college credit card debt we all racked up. When all those shiny cards started showing up in the mail and you didn’t think about the interest rate and paying them back. This imaginative week-by-week journal invites you to consider all of your purchases, prioritize your financial goals, celebrate the occasional splurge, and revel in the moments when you resist an impulse buy.

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Manly Gifts: Boxing, Mustaches, Beer & More

With Father’s Day creeping up on us, we decided to round up some manly gifts we discovered recently.  These products are testosterone charged and would work for other manly occasions including birthdays: 1. Boxing Gloves Hot Mitts, 2. Moustache Beer Mugs – Set of 2, 3. Superman Apron, 4. Duff Beer Koozie, 5. Desktop Ping Pong, 6. Ridley’s Box of Jokes

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Mustache Gifts for Mustache Lovers

Mustache Related Gifts

Mustaches are everywhere.  They are on people’s faces, clothes, bags and jewelry.  Their shape is so simple and fun it is hard not to hoard all mustache related products we encounter.  Now that we have all disclosed our weakness for this quirky obsession, let us look at some gifts for mustache lovers: 1. Toddland Mustache Wallet, 2. Massive Mustache Magnet, 3. Mustache Bowler Hat Mug, 4. Mustache Labbit, 5. Mustache Bandages, 6.  Mustache Cork Screw

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