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Gifts For Your Book Club

I love shopping for my book worms.  They are so easy to shop for because anything that resembles a book will make them happy – literally.  If you haven’t found any book looking gifts don’t worry.  Any gift that make a reference to one of their favorite authors or books will be even better.  Here are some great examples of gifts for book snobs:  1. Literary iPhone Cases, 2. Eyeglass Pillowcase – Set of 2, 3. Literary Art Kindle Fire Case, 4. Index Finger Page-markers, 5. Personal Library Kit, 6. Floating Books Wall Shelf

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Gifts For Your Bookworm

Bookworms tend to be easy to shop for.  With social reading sites like Good Reads it is simple to find out what is on their wishlist and the type of books they like.  If a book seems too obvious here are a few ideas they will be excited about. 1. Samsung Galaxy Nook, 2. Graphic Novels, 3. Mc Sweeny’s Subscription , 4. Vintage Typewriter, 5. Typewriter Brooch, 6. Reprinted Penguin Classics, 7. Personal Library Kit

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yellow owl shop Stamp Scapes

Yellow Owl Workshop City Scape Stamps

Yellow Owl Workshop creates limited edition paper goods and items for the home.  Christine Schmidt & Evan Gross, endeavor to create the most eco-lovin’ products by using non-toxic water-based inks and 100% recycled paper.

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