gifts for your environmental consciousness

Eco Friendly GiftsThese ideas may be especially fitting for your eco-friendly giftee.  However, they are all practical and modern gadgets we can all use in our daily lives: 1. Solar Window Charger, 2. Baggu reusable bags, 3. Fridgezoo Companions, 4. Sagaform Take Away mug.

The XD Design solar window charger, with big USB and small USB output, is easily attachable to your window. The outside of the charger catches sunlight, while the smooth designed inside spices up your interior and charges your electronic equipment.

BAGGU makes simple, high quality bags in many bright colors. They’re durable and fill many uses so you can own less stuff.

The Fridgeezoo characters live in your fridge and greet you every time you open it up for a snack. If you leave the door open too long they complain, reminding you to save energy and keep it cold for them! Available in six varieties, collect them all!

The Sagaform Café Pix Take-Away Mug is an eco-friendly way to enjoy your morning brew. There’s no need to get a disposable cup every day! Sagaform Café Mugs are double-walled porcelain with a silicone lid and are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.  They come in a variety of patterns and each with its own gift box, making it the perfect gift.

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