Gifts For Your Best Friend, Your Pet

Doca Pet was founded by furniture designer Luke Wong to provide modern products for everyone’s domesticated friends.   DOCA is derived from the letters DO from Dog and CA from Cat.  If you are looking for a modern stylish bowl or chew toy for your furry friend, Doca Pet is a good place to look: 1. Y- Bowl,  2. Square Meal Bowl, 3.  Stainless Steel Bowls, 4. Wire & Dine Bowl,  5. Dog Face Rubber Soldier Toy, 6. Dogleg Diner

This Rubber Soldier Toy is made of durable natural rubber for your dog to have hours of fun with. It is also peanut butter scented.

The Smorgasboard Bowl is made of white resin and features unique raised wood grain texture.  It includes rubber non-skid bumpers and one stainless steel bowl.

The  Square Meal Bowl is a minimal, brushed stainless steel stand with a finely textured matte acrylic or bamboo top.

The  Y- Bowl is a powder coated metal stand with rubber non-skid feet. It is available in black, orange, red, white, and green. Each Y.Bowl includes 1 stainless steel bowl.

The Wire & Dine Bowl has powder coated steel wire, rubber non-skid bumpers and includes two stainless steel bowls . It is available in white, grey, orange, and green.

These  Stainless Steel Bowls are high quality heavier weight bowls custom made for Doca Pet.

Dogleg Diner is made of powder coated steel with a textured finish that resists scratches. It is available in black, orange, red and white and includes two stainless steel bowls.

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