Solar Powered Generator

During our recent close call with Hurricane Isaac vs. South Florida I considered not having power for weeks at a time.  Not being able to have perishable food and living off canned goods is not the brightest of prospects.  So when I stumbled upon this Solar Power Generator I got so excited!  Excited for so many reasons!  First off, after a hurricane, getting gas is a mix of an adventure with a dash of luck.  Fighting at the pump and waiting in lines that stretch miles is the worst.  However, this generator charges with direct sunlight and after it being fully charged (20 hours) it can run a fridge for 4 days. Woohoo, no lines at the gas station! Also, it will keep recharging while you use it.  You just plug in its 8′ cords to the panels outside and you are good to go.  Secondly, this generator does not emit dangerous and toxic fumes.  Finally, this generator can also be charged by plugging it to your outlet in 16 hours so that you can be prepared before the storm hits.

Solar Power Generator includes 2 solar panels but you can have up to 8 panels to charge it faster and have unlimited electricity :)

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