Gifts For Your Drinking Buddies

Ceramic Mason Jar Shot Glass- Set Of 4

Colorful set of mini mason jar shot glasses– a fun addition to any bar or kitchen!

Drinking Bingo Kit

“Next person to draw a green ball has to take a drink and run through the house singing their favorite song from the ’90s. Ready, go!” Get creative, make your own rules and put an intoxicating spin on get-togethers with a classic bingo game featuring color-coordinated balls and shot glasses.

Mixology Glasses (Set of 4)

You’ll definitely know your liquor with this set of four glasses each cleverly labeled with your favorite distilled beverages. Treat yourself to a bevy of single malts or gift to a budding mixologist or cocktail connoisseur.

Personalized Tipsy Wine Glasses

Sure to be a conversation-starter, these stemless wine glasses have a swivel base, so you can tilt them a full 360 degrees. An entertaining way to let your favorite vintage breathe. Free custom etching makes them a perfectly personalized addition to your bar set.

Drinking Person Pint Glass

Proudly identify yourself as a member of the drinking public with a whimsically stamped pint glass.

Kate Spade New York Happy Hour Flask

A clever polished flask lets the cocktail connoisseur or kate spade collector enjoy their favorite beverage any time of day.

Tequila Shooters with Wood Tray

Serve up your favorite party starter in style with this elegant and rustic tequila shooter set. The wooden tray comes with a removable cutting board for prepping fresh limes, and the soapstone shot glasses can be frozen to keep the tequila icy cold.

Old West Shot Glasses (Set of 4)

Historically accurate heirloom style emanates from American-made shot glasses based on a Wild West design.

Drinking Horn

Toss back your mead (or beer, as the case may be) with all the rough bravado of an Iron Age Germanic tribesman celebrating the sacking of Rome. Since the pointed base makes it impossible to put down (and why would you want to?), Das Horn comes with both a neck strap to keep it within arm’s reach and a plastic stand for triumphant display of your vessel of choice.

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