Jewelry Organizing Gifts For Fashionistas

As promised, I have a found a nice collection of jewelry organizers and I am sharing it with you.  My all time favorite is the ceramic Jackalope because I have a healthy obsession with fantastical creatures.  Anything from a unicorn to a liger will tickle my fancy.  Here are some other great ideas for people who have so much jewelry they have a hard time finding that perfect piece that pulls the outfit together in the wrangled mess of their jewelry drawer: 1. Ceramic Jackalope Jewelry Holder, 2. Bird Cage Jewelry Holder, 3. Cloche Jewelry Holder, 4. Bunny And Swan Figurine Jewelry Holder Set, 4. Natural Sparkle Ring Holder in Rabbit, 5. Bird Branch Jewelry Stand, 6. Little Birch Jewelry Stand, 7. Antique-Gold Stag Andtler Jewelry Stand, 8. Gold Punched Tiered Metal Dish Jewelry Stand

Ceramic Jackalope Jewelry Holder.  You spend each day loring in admirers with your fabulous  folky style and a flair for storytelling  but you cant take your entire anthology of accessories everywhere you wander! After youve made-up another unreal outfit  leave the rest of your rings  bracelets  and other dazzling details with this legendary little pal from IMM Living. Perched on a dish with a delightfully scalloped edge  this peachy ceramic jackalope flaunts a set of antlers with a polished cream finish. Whether it completes your dreamy decor or collection of curiosities  this fiercely adorable creature is almost too cute and convenient to be true!

Mounted on your wall, the Bird Cage Jewelry Holder is a real space-saver. If you have lots of jewelry with limited dresser space, our bronzed holder is ideal for keeping necklaces, bracelets and earrings easily accessible – yet conveniently out of the way.

The Cloche Jewelry Holder is made our of brass with a glass cover.  It stands over 10 inches high and will protect your jewelry with a vintage flair.

Bunny And Swan Figurine Jewelry Holder Set.  Featuring bunny and swan figurines, this jewelry holder set is absolutely charming. Keep your rings and earrings in order with this enchanting jewelry storage.

Natural Sparkle Ring Holder in Rabbit.  Youve never met a pet that could understand your instinctively polished style more than this chrome companion! With a pair of extra-long ears that are raised for resting your rings upon  this miniature  mirrored bunny inspires you to hop to new heights of radiance as you scurry through your daily routine. Feature this darling and dazzling creature on your desk  bedside table  or beside your sink  and give each glittering band a properly brilliant habitat.

Bird Branch Jewelry Stand is  a branch design with hanging hooks for jewelry and a secure base.  With two cute little birdies at top guarding your precious accessories.

Little Birch Jewelry Stand.  Coated aluminum branch on a wide velvet-lined base. Perfect for displaying your jewelry or just for looking pretty on its own.

Antique-Gold Stag Andtler Jewelry Stand.  In a lovely antique-gold finish, our unique and exclusive Antique-Gold Stagg Antler Jewelry Stand is as beautiful as it is functional. Featuring a stag sitting poised, its high-reaching antlers are perfect for hanging and organizing your favorite jewelry pieces to create an enchanting display.

The Gold Punched Tiered Metal Dish Jewelry Stand features an ornate, high-end design without the high-end price. Two tiered dishes offer plenty of storage for bracelets, necklaces and rings, while the punched design is great for earrings.

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