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This week I started watching the Breaking Bad spin off, Better Call Saul. Holy moly, it’s so great! I was left with a tv show void once the finale of Breaking Bad aired. There hasn’t been a show that truly grabs me since the Walter White saga ended – until the premier of Better Call Saul.

WARNING! SPOILER ALERT! (Skip this paragraph if you don’t want to read a spoiler.) What I love about this show is that it uses the same story telling and character development as Breaking Bad. So, even though Walter White is not in the show, it feels like you’re watching an episode of Breaking Bad. I actually might end up liking this show more because it builds on Breaking Bad. Characters like Mike and Tuco cross over and appear on Better Call Saul. So you get to watch the new show with a new story line but you also get to be on the look out for easter eggs referencing Breaking Bad. Yes, I am a total Breaking Bad fangirl and I love it! Things like the nail salon Saul Goodman tried to get Walter White to use as a front for their drug business turns out to be the place where he very first started. James Mcgill, Saul Goodman’s real name, starts out by renting a dingy little space as his first office in the nail Salon.

Needless to say, I will keep watching this show. If you haven’t seen it, you can watch the first episode on iTunes for free. If you are looking for gifts for a fan of Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul here are some ideas:

Saul Goodman Fan Gift Ideas

The best fandom gifts let people wear their love for their show, book, movie, etc. It makes it easier to spot other fellow Breaking Bad fans and break the ice. T-shirts and hoodies are the best platform to show the world you are a Walter White expert but you can’t wear those to work everyday. In those dress up scenarios mugs and desk accessories are the way to go. However, nothing beats owning the entire series and having the ability to re-watch any episode for little easter eggs and catching things you missed the first time.

Better Call Saul Tee

Most of the Saul Goodman tees have the entire tacky logo for Saul Goodman attorney at law. Normally, I don’t like shirts like these but this one represents what James McGill stands for. He is a tacky man and wears ill fitting suits. There are a ton of similar designs to pick from at Amazon for both guys and girls.

Better Call Saul Mug

This bright yellow mug is as colorful os Saul Goodman’s personality. You can be sure no one will miss your reference to the squirmy character and TV Shows Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul.

Breaking Bad Fan Gift Ideas

Breaking Bad Beaker Mug

This beaker-turned-mug is the perfect way to drink your coffee and show your love for chemistry and Heinseberg. It has the Heisenberg police sketch and the Breaking Bad logo. The measure marks will also guarantee to make your coffee exactly how you want it everyday. I like my coffee light but not too light. With a beaker I know the precise amount of half and half to add to my coffee everyday. Yay for consistency!

Walter White/Walt Disney Laboratories

I love the play of Walter White using the Walt Disney font and logo. It reminds me of the biggest turning point in the series when Hank realizes that Walter White is Heinsenberg because of the inscription in a Walt Whitman book “Leaves of Grass” dedicated to another W.W. This shirt os also available in women’s sizes.

Breaking Bad Heisenberg Hoodie

This hoodie is a great gift for a guy who is a fan of Breaking Bad. I find that guys can never have enough hoodies. They are comfortable and practical.

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