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Gifts for Your Gamer

Gamer Gift Ideas

When shopping for gamers the first idea that pops in our head is a video game.  A video game might work as a thoughtful gift if you know exactly what game they are currently coveting.  Otherwise, odds are your gamer pre-ordered all the games they are really interested in and you could be wasting your money.  Our best bet is to purchase gaming related products: 1. Tetris Sticky Notes, 2. Retro Arcade Cake Mold, 3. Gaming Shirt, 4. Gears of War Tags, 5. iPhone Retro Controller Case (Similar)

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At the end of the Brainbow

Brainbow Jewelry

bRainbow is Australian power duo:  Orrr and Akiko. All bRainbow products are conjured at their Sydney studio and intended to bring smiles to frowny faces. They use classic materials (leather, wood and acrylics) to create something unusual and fun, including their amusing range of 3D wooden products.  Each piece uses laser-cut wood and is assembled by hand.

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