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Colorful & Fun Protective Face Shields For Kids & Adults

Colorful, Fun, and Stylish, Protective Face Shields for kids and adults to protect eyes, nose, and mouth

Wearing masks and face shields in our daily life doesn’t have to be boring. Showcase your style and personality with colorful face shields from Coral Gables Love. Paola & Andrea are the creative sister duo behind these fun face shield designs.

Paola founded the blog Coral Gables Love and Andrea runs her graphic design agency Vintage Unicorn. The two of them launched their online store in June and their unique face shields are in demand. The two sisters add that small business touch to every order with handlettered notes and stickers. If you like to shop local, support women-owned, and buy at small family businesses make sure to buy your face shields at

Colorful & Affordable Face Shields

Kids Colorful & Fun Rainbow Plastic Face Shield protects eyes, mouth, and nose

These adorable face shields have cute and whimsical designs for both children and adults. You’ll find Paola & Andrea’s favorite things from rainbows to fruity patterns on their face shields with an affordable price of $11.95.

Comfortable Face Shields You Can Wear With Glasses

Oranges Plastic Face Shield protects your eyes, mouth, and nose with style and fun

There are many options for face shields out there. The great thing about Coral Gables Love Face Shields is they are comfortable to wear and you can wear them with your glasses! Also, each shield has a comfortable soft sponge and elastic that makes you almost forget you’re wearing an additional layer over your face mask.

Protective Face Shields For Kids

Kids Colorful & Fun Plastic Face Shield protects your eyes, mouth, and nose with style in rainbows and monstera

Keeping kids safe with colorful and fun face shields is a win-win. You protect their eyes, nose and mouth with cute designs that they love, making it easier for them to wear it. If they love their shield because they love the design, they will love to wear it too.

Stylish Matching Face Shields & Face Masks

Matching Fruit Pattern Face Shield with Fruit Pattern Cotton Double Sided Washable Adult Face Mask,Breathable Reversible Mask,Handmade in USA Face Mask
Matching Face Shield & Face Mask from Coral Gables Love

If you like to coordinate your outfits, you will love wearing a matching face shield and face mask. How cute is this? Coral Gables Love also sells matching face masks for their best-selling designs and you can buy them both via their online shop at This is fantastic because health experts recommend wearing a face shield over your face mask. You can follow the latest safety guidelines in style.

Galaxy Protective Face Shield for Star Wars Fans

Galaxy Plastic Face Shield protects your eyes, mouth, and nose with style and fun

This galaxy face shield is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Star Wars, space, astrology, astronomy, NASA, and anything outer space. Andrea & Paola say these are purchased often as gifts and are shipped directly to the recipient.

Monstera Face Shield for Your Plant Lady

Monstera Leaves Plastic Face Shield protects your eyes, mouth, and nose with style and fun

The Monstera Face Shield is the perfect gift for the person growing a jungle in their home. If they have plant babies, they will love this monstera face shield. It’s the perfect way to show the world their love for plants while staying safe.

Show You Care By Gifting A Face Shield

Tulips Plastic Face Shield protects your eyes, mouth, and nose with style and fun

Face shields are popular gifts right now because it’s the perfect way to show you care about someone. You don’t have to wait for it to be their birthday. You can send anyone a face shield at any time. They will know you’re thinking about them and that you care about their safety.

Gifting Face Shields For Those at High Risk of Covid-19

If you know anyone who is at high risk of Covid-19 because they are an older adult or have an underlying medical condition, send them a face shield as a gift. Protect your loved ones with the gift of safety. Make sure to tell them to wear the face shield over their mask. The face shield does not replace the need for a face mask.

Gifting Face Shields For Those Who Have Face-to-Face Customer Interactions

Womens Blue Hexagon Plastic Face Shield protects your eyes, mouth, and nose with style and fun

Beauty & Grooming Industry Face Shields

Face shields are also a great gift for those who work in professions that will have to interact closely with customers at work. Anyone who works in the beauty industry that includes salons, nail salons, barber shops, spas, waxing places, etc. Any esthetician would be happy to receive a colorful face shield for work. It will protect their eyes, nose, and mouth plus it livens their day with the pop of color.

Gifting Face Shields For Teachers

If you know any teachers who are having in person lessons, send them a face shield. They will be happy to know you care about their health and safety. Plus, pick a design that matches something they like. For example, send them an Oranges Face Shield if they live in Florida.

Oranges Plastic Face Shield protects your eyes, mouth, and nose with style and fun

Gifting Face Shields for Retail Workers

If you know someone who works retail, send them the gift of a face shield. They interact with customers and sometimes are not able to maintain the 6 feet of social distancing. Receiving a gifted face shield will definitely brighten their day and they’ll know how much you care. This Flamingo Face Shield will be the perfect conversation starter for your friend or family member working retail.

Flamingo Plastic Face Shield protects your eyes, mouth, and nose with style and fun

Gifting Face Shields For Office Workers

For those that are not able to work remotely and have to go into the office or co-working space on a daily basis, give them the gift of a face shield. Protect them from co-workers and customers as they go about their day in meetings. If you’re gifting a face shield to be worn at work, pick a subtle design like the Blue Hexagons Face Shield below.

Men's Blue Hexagons Plastic Face Shield protects your eyes, mouth, and nose with style and fun

Video Game Heart Face Shield For Your Gamer

Video Game Hearts Plastic Face Shield protects your eyes, mouth, and nose with style and fun

This video game heart face shield is perfect to keep the gamer in your life safe. In video games, a heart is used to represent someone’s health or life. Send this face shield as a gift and keep all their hearts full – for real.

Gift Custom Face Shields for Business Owners

Do you know anyone who owns a salon, barbershop or gym? Give them the gift of branded face shields with their company logo. Coral Gables Love offers custom face shields starting with minimum order quantities of 10 face shields. The price is $11.99 per face shield. Email with the logo/artwork, the quantity of face shields you need, and the shipping address information.

By sending them face shields with their company logo, you are protecting them and their customers. You are also taking another worry off their mind right now. Business owners have had to adapt quickly during the pandemic. Send them branded face shields and take some of their stress away.

Lemons Face Shield for Adults

Lemons Plastic Face Shield protects your eyes, mouth, and nose with style and fun

Sprinkles Face Shield for Adults

Sprinkles Plastic Face Shield protects your eyes, mouth, and nose with style and fun

Rainbow Face Shield for Adults

Rainbows Plastic Face Shield protects your eyes, mouth, and nose with style and fun
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5 Must Haves From Shop Ruche’s Labor Day Sale 2015

Shop Ruche is having a 30% OFF sitewide sale this Labor Day weekend! Simply use with promo code: SUNFUN during checkout. I went through all their new fall favorites to pick out the top pair of shoes you should splurge on this Labor Day weekend. They all have earthy tones and cover all of the occasions you will attend during the Fall. From oxfords for work or a cute vintage outfit to fancy heels to wear at a party. Let’s get started!

Remmy Oxford by BAIT Footwear

I have a thing for oxfords. I love the combination of two colors in one pair of shoes. These adorable wingtip heels combine cream and light brown for a gorgeous vintage looking heel. They have 2.5″ heel that will make them comfortable to wear all day. The perfect shoes for work or a cute vintage outfit with classic shoes. This is my top buy from Shop Ruche’s Labor Day Sale.remmy-oxfords-bait-footwear Continue Reading

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Flawlessly Fashionable Olivia Burton Watches

The truth is I have replaced my watch with my phone. Whenever I need to see the time, I pull out my phone because it is always on me or at an arm’s length. There is no longer a need to wear a watch on a daily basis; but taking a look at these Olivia Burton watches I am wanting to wear watches everyday. These timepieces have a delicate style with big round faces and whimsical details. Whether it is a border of rose-gold scallops or an intricate butterfly, something will jump out at you and grab you. If you want to start a watch collection steer clear of gaudy or boring watches; instead, build a fantastic stockpile of Olivia Burton timepieces. They will not go by unnoticed by fellow fashionistas.

Shop Olivia Burton Watches

Olivia Burton Dandy Wrap Gray Midi Dial Watch

I have a soft spot for wrap around watches. They look so cool. The extra wristband gives it extra sophisticated points. This specific concrete colored wristband will match any outfit. It has that chic industrial meets posh style.

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Summer Espadrilles Are Here

Every summer the earthy fashionable espadrille shoe makes a come back. This summer you can find espadrille flats, espadrille wedges and everything in between. This summer, every big designer brand has their own take on the espadrille trend including big designer names Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu, Balenciaga, and many others . If you are looking for designer espadrilles you should shop at Net-a-porter, Moda Operandi, My Theresa, or Shopbop. I’ve put together a list of my favorite stylish espadrilles. The espadrille shoes in the post fall in a wide range of prices. So there should be something for everyone, whether you are looking for chic on a budget or you are looking to splurge on the latest summer trend. I tend to fall in love with things regardless of their price point. I find some cheap plastic bracelets with bows raise my heart rate just as much as Elie Saab runway dresses pricing in the tens of thousands. That’s just me, not everyone agrees; and I know people who would disown me for my aesthetics first, brand last philosophy.

Let’s get started with our Spanish inspired footwear trend.

Shop The Espadrille Summer Trend

Nelly Printed Silk & Suede Espadrille Ballerinas by Tabitha Simmons

These shoes are the cutest take on the Mary Jane design! With adorable rounded black tips and a delicate strap, these are my favorite find of the espadrille trend. I would wear these sophisticated flats all summer long! I can already picture a Parisian ensemble wearing a skirt, scarf, hat and sunglasses with this pair of shoes. So cute!

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Summery Skirts from Shabby Apple

It’s almost that time of year again, summer time. Some people look forward to basking in the sun, while others dread the suffocating heat and cooping themselves indoors with the chilly air conditioning. Regardless of what camp you fall in, you will have to venture outside. Even if it is only from your car to the grocery store and your car to work. I fall in the group that finds refuge in the shady indoors but I am making an effort to evolve into someone that falls in the sun soaking lovers group. While I complete my metamorphosis, I will need a closet full of breezy and comfortable clothes to survive the South Florida summer heat. Shabby Apple’s latest line of midi skirts look like the perfect summer outfit solution. Their skirts are available in many different styles from informal to formal.

Park Ave. skirt in Fuscia

I love how they dressed down this bright fuscia skirt with converse and a mint plaid shirt. I can also see this skirt as part of a dressier get up. It shows how versatile midi skirts can be.

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Pixie Market: Cute Trendy Clothes & Accessories

I found a new online store to add to my daily window shopping, Pixie Market. They have the cutest dresses and accessories. What I like about this store is the apparel they carry is trendy, yet it has a unique style. I haven’t seen the clothes they carry in other sites, which is exciting. After a while, I start to see the same dresses in several stores. I’m happy the brands have been picked up by many retailers; but when I’m trying to find unique things to share with you it gets tiresome seeing the same garments in every site. Pixie Market is a refreshing change to the constant repeats. If you want to wear something unique and lessen the odds of wearing the same outfit as someone else at a gathering, check out Pixie Market. I put together my current favorites from their site.

Amy Grey Stripe Dress

This dress reminds me of the traditional pinstriped dressed of the early 1900s; but with a modern sexy twist. You know, that era where women wore adorable little blazer jackets over long skirts and accessorized with parasols during their strolls around the park. This fashionable mini dress caught my eye because of the adorable white cuffs at the sleeves and the matching collar. It also has a cinched waist for a flattering look. Wear this dress if you are going for a classic beauty look.

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Fashionable Sneakers: New Balance & Others

I must admit, I am the kind of tourist that wears sneakers around town. Come on, I’m there to take in all of the newness, not walk around all day in blistering feet. I remember when I had recently moved to New York City being told by the locals that they could spot me a mile away with my sneakers. It was a mortal sin in the fashion world but I stuck to my guns. I said and continue to say, “Comfort first.” I held on so long that the fashion world has come around and I’m grateful it happened during my lifetime. Fashionable sneakers are all the rage with designer brands releasing their own take on the designer sneaker including Valentino, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and the list goes on. This post will be featuring stylish affordable sneakers. If you are in the market for designer sneakers in the $300s, $500s or $1000s head on over to NET-A-PORTER and search for sneakers.

I first started noticing beautiful sneakers when I stumbled upon J.Crew’s collaborations with New Balance and Nike. They created beautiful sneakers using the original sneaker styles; but using fashionable new colors.

New Balance 530 Trainer

The New Balance 530 uses different materials including leather, suede, and mesh. This running shoe has a brilliant combination of black, pinks, and purples. You can definitely pair these shoes with black pants and feel confident of your comfy chic outfit.

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Shamrock Hue Dresses For St. Patrick’s Day

How will you be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year? Our local Coral Gables pub, John Martin’s Irish Pub, will be having a block party celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. There will be fish and chips and other yummy food and drinks. There will also be a U2 tribute band playing U2 covers throughout the celebrations. I can’t wait for the festivities to begin. I’ve been looking for something green to wear in my closet but I haven’t found anything. So I’ve been window shopping green dresses online, looking for comfortable dresses. I decided to share my final contenders with you. If you’re looking for a St. Patty’s Day outfit you might as well take a gander :)

Dress for the Occasion

I liked this dark green skater dress because it has a fit and flare silhouette. Fit and flare dresses are always the most comfortable while remaining flattering. I also like the tiny cutout in the front. It gives the dress a unique detail.

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Wednesday Wishlist: Dresses, Coats & Bags

Everyday, I scour a long list of my favorite sites and pin all the awesome things to my Pinterest Boards. (Follow me on Pinterest – user: PinkghostFL) I stumble on some pretty cool stuff but not all of it makes it to the blog. So in an effort to bring some more of my Pinterest finds to Cool Gifting I decided to start a new feature: Wednesday Wishlists. Essentially, this feature will have the items I have loaded in my shopping carts during my daily internet window shopping. I hope you find great gift ideas for others and yourself in these posts :)

Midtown Streets Striped Dress

This dress made it into my shopping cart once I saw the back. I always fall for dresses that have cutouts in the back. My first dress with a cutout back had a square cutout and it was made by Vans. Ever since, I always check out the backs of dresses for a unique cutout. When I saw the cute circular cutout in this dress, I knew I had to have it. It’s a lower cutout that allows you to wear a bra without showing your bra strap. Aside from the nice cutout, what sold me were those coral buttons down the back. What a nice touch! Finally, the color combination of beige, dark coral and white feels a little like neapolitan ice cream. Sweet!

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