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Big Hero 6 Partying With Baymax

Who doesn’t love that big ball of chubbyness Baymax? He’s honorable, sweet, smart, strong, funny, and above all adorable. If you’re looking for a theme to your next party, Big Hero 6 is a winner. I hunted down all the Big Hero 6 decorations and party supplies I could find. Here are some cool things I found.

When preparing for a party the first things you need are the basics: plates, napkins, cups & invitations. Once you have these, you can focus on the other decorations and activities you want to have at your party.

Big Hero 6 Lunch Plates

These official Big Hero 6 party plates feature Baymax flying in his mecha outfit with Hiro on his back.

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Super Hero Baby Tees & Onesies

1. Wonder Girl Baby Onesie, 2. Batman & Robin Tee, 3. Mr.T Onesie. A few months after the birth of her boy Tristan, Kayo began hand-stitching felted flair to add a bit of variety to her baby’s boringly basic wardrobe. Before she knew it, the corner of her bedroom was bursting with applique onesies, tops, bottoms and t-shirts. Her graphic-designer husband half-jokingly, half-seriously suggested that she start selling them because they were so creative and unique (and so they could have their room back). Even though Kayo has no formal design education, she’s been sewing, sketching and knitting for as long as she can remember – her husband has to constantly remind her that she’s been training her whole life to do exactly what she’s doing now. Check out the rest of her collection at Brika.

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May The Force Be With Your Frosty Treats

Today we have Star Wars Light Saber Popsicles!  It’s time to make yourself a treat from long, long ago with your very own Lightsaber Ice Pops!  Each set comes with four saber hilts: two Luke and two Vader. Just add juice (or any delicious liquid) to the mold, stick on the hilts, and pop the whole shebang in your freezer for 4 hours. Run a little warm water over the mold and the full saber can be removed. Activate your saber’s LED for a light-up treat that screams awesome and tasty all at once. It’s always time for Jedi refreshment when you have some Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pops.

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Pancho The Porky Yorkie Issue #2

In this edition of The Porky Yorkie, Pancho stops a break-in with his ridiculous looks and obsessive licking. You can also read previous issues of Pancho The Porky Yorkie.

Comic: Pancho The Porkie Yorkie Issue # 1

Here, at Cool Gifting headquarters, we have a furry little friend called Pancho.  He is a 5 year old Yorkie that is getting a little chubby and a little crazy.  Brian has been drawing comics inspired by Pancho and we decided to share them with you.  We hope you like them.  Enjoy!

PanchoThe Porkie Yorkie Issue #1 by Brian

“Yes, I love meat.” – Pancho

Gifts For Your San Diego Comic-Con Pilgrimage

For all of you packing your bags for SDCC!  Maybe you’ll like to save some space for some of this cool and practical stuff: 1.Upcycled Comic Book Bracelet Cuff, 2. ATHF Moonanites Belt Buckle, 3. Superhero Earbuds, 4. Comic Toilet Roll 5. Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers, 6.Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair, 7.Japanese Kigurumi Cosplay

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Father’s Day Gift Series: Super Hero Art

Give your own hero Danny Haas Super Hero prints. Artist, Danny Haas, designs vintage style art prints inspired by comics and science fiction. If your Dad is not one to collect Art Prints he might enjoy an iPhone case or laptop skin with the art of Danny Haas.

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