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Wednesday Wishlist: Apparel, Animals & Bags

For today’s Wednesday Wishlist, I have some really cute clothes, animal inspired goodies and structured satchels. I have such an enormous collection of dresses that I want to feature in this and upcoming Wednesday Wishlist features; but I decided to mix them up with other garments. I want to avoid sharing with you the same mistake I made with my closet. I have too many dresses and too few tops and bottoms to change it up a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing dresses. They are comfortable and make me feel fancy without much effort. However, it’s harder to change things up with dresses. Mixing and matching tops with skirts, pants, and shorts give you more flexibility with your collection of clothes. You can wear the same top with different bottoms for completely different looks without looking like you’re wearing a uniform. To get that unique wardrobe effect from dresses you need to buy many, many, many dresses. Of course, wearing sweaters with dresses and changing the accessories, such as tights, do add some variety; but not as much as separates. Still, I am addicted to dresses and I will continue to add to my stockpile. Nonetheless, I am making a conscious effort to add more top and bottom options to my closet. So with my rant out of the way, let’s get started :)

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Coat With 60s Styling

This coat’s fit and flare silhouette makes it look like a dress. It has a strong military look with the double row of buttons and camo-ish green. If you decide to wear it over a dress, it will be like you’re wearing a dress within a dress. That sounds like a fantastic idea for a dress junkie like me :) It also looks like it is made of thick material that will actually keep you warm. I have coats that have thin lining and are pretty much just decorative.

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American Eagle Outfitters 30% OFF Promo Code

Hello & happy Friday! Let’s celebrate this wonderful end of the work week with a 30% OFF Promo Code at American Eagle Outfitters: FRIEND30. The code is valid through November 16, 2014. AE is a great place to get cold weather gifts for your friends and your puppies. Check out that ridiculously adorable banner with the puppy in a puffer jacket and sunglasses. Well played American Eagle, cute puppies are my weakness and they got me to scroll through their entire gift guide. :)

Inubar: Design for Pets

At inubar, they’re on a mission to make it easy for pet owners to find well-designed pet essentials instead of the generic products found in mass merchandisers. They work with over 50 artisan brands from whom they curate products across bedding, dining, toys & accessories. Check out their site for a hand picked selection of dog beds, bowls, snacks, toys and accessories.

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Gifts For Your Pet Doggie

I must confess.  I am one of those people that owns a dog and considers them a family member.  I might go as far as comparing my doggie, Pancho, to your baby.  I know, bad me. But I love him so!  If you are like me and have a special place in your heart for your pooch you will need to have a gift for them to open on Christmas Day.  Here are some gifts I had in mind for Pancho:  1. Silly Dog Toys: Mustache & Giant Tongue, 2. Jerry Giraffe and Coco Elephant Chew Toys, 3. Pet Print Ornament, 4. French Bulldog Pillow, 5. Retro Rockin’ Treat Can, 6. Doggles Dog Eye Protection

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Dog House Sofa by Seungji Mun

The Dog House Sofa is a brand-new product in the 1st collection of the emotional pet furniture brand m.pup  and designer min n mun is in charge of it.

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Halloween Pet Costume Sale at Zulily

The daily deal site, Zulily, is selling Pet Costumes at half price & I figured I’d get Pancho’s costume while I had the chance. Pancho is our Yorkie and we draw comics inspired by him.  I picked the lion costume for him in XS.  I will post pics reporting how it fit him once it arrives.  Other costumes that looked cute were the 1. Honey Bear Outfit, 2. Turtle Outfit, 3. Quackers Duck Outfit, 4. Lil Lion Outfit.
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Gifts For Your Best Friend, Your Pet

Doca Pet was founded by furniture designer Luke Wong to provide modern products for everyone’s domesticated friends.   DOCA is derived from the letters DO from Dog and CA from Cat.  If you are looking for a modern stylish bowl or chew toy for your furry friend, Doca Pet is a good place to look: 1. Y- Bowl,  2. Square Meal Bowl, 3.  Stainless Steel Bowls, 4. Wire & Dine Bowl,  5. Dog Face Rubber Soldier Toy, 6. Dogleg Diner

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