Dinosaur Planters

As soon as I saw these dinosaur planters I fell in love!  These re-purposed toys have been primed, painted with 5 coats of paint and sealed making them the perfect planter for a Tillandsia Air Plant.  Tillandsia Air Plants don’t require soil but they do require light and to be watered twice a week. If you know someone that loves dinosaurs and can keep a low maintenance plant alive – look no further!  You will not find a better gift than these amazing planters.

I found several cool dinosaur planters in the BoyGirl Etsy Shop with metallic colors.  However, if you search dinosaur planter in Etsy you’ll find several other stores that carry them.

Baby Triceratops Planter

Stegosaurus Planter

Large Brachiosaurus Planter

Baby Triceratops Planter

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