Gifts For Cycling Lovers Part 2

The best gift for anyone who likes to ride a bike is bicycle themed. There are so many great bicycle related gifts from jewelry, to biking gear, gadgets, bags and much much more. Here is a list of ideas for cycling lovers: 1. Bike Chain Star Ornament, 2. Bike Tire Cufflinks, 3. Bike Tire Tie Bar, 4. Bike Doormat, 5. Auto Timing Chain and Gears Wall Clock, 6. Upcycled Bike Tube Handlebar Bag, 7. Bike Chain Cuff Bracelets

Bike Chain Star Ornament. Link a love of cycling and recycling by decking the halls (or your keys!) with these one-of-a-kind ornaments that also function as zippy keychains. This stellar example of a sustainable reuse is formed from reclaimed bike chains that are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, connected in the iconic five-point star shape, spray painted, and hung from a recycled bike innertube string. This edgy, palm-sized piece is perfect bike enthusiasts—their home or take-alongs will shine with this subtle nod to their favorite mode of transportation.

Bike Tire Cufflinks. Your personal style will be riding high with these sophisticated cufflinks. Made by master silversmith Christine Bossler, the clean, minimalist hardware is 100% hand crafted using recycled sterling silver. The bezels are inset with medallions of upcycled bicycle tire inner tube that once rode the mean streets of Detroit. The unique material adds a touch of unique texture and a freewheeling spirit, but delivers it with understated refinement.

Bike Tire Tie Bar. Kick your personal style into high-gear sophistication with this contemporary tie bar. Made by master silversmith Christine Bossler, the clip’s clean, geometric frame is cut, bent, soldered and finished by hand, using recycled sterling silver. Riding down the middle is a strip of upcycled bicycle tire inner tube that once rode the mean streets of Detroit. The unique material adds a touch of unique texture and a freewheeling spirit, but delivers it with understated refinement.

Bike Doormat. Add kick to your door with this sturdy coconut fiber doormat sure to make tracks! Created by product designer Andrea Brown, its breezy charm makes walking through your door a joyride. Constructed with a no-slip rubber coating on durable coir fiber.

Auto Timing Chain and Gears Wall Clock. Make good time with an industrial clock repurposed from an engine timing gear and chains. What once kept four wheels spinning takes a turn for the interesting–and the artful–with artist Steven Shaver’s vision. Inspired by domestic car parts half-buried in junk yards that looked to Shaver like sculpture with a story, he began crafting creatively designed home decor from salvaged gears, chains, and more, for art and conversation. Shaver calls it “part art.” We say it’s part art, part clock–and all inspiration. Clock features part numbers cast in the metal and industrial details unique to each piece.

Upcycled Bike Tube Handlebar Bag. Cool cruising! Take your lunch to-go with this durable and earth-friendly insulated bag. Perfect for the pedal-powered commuter, it has convenient straps for hanging it from your handlebars, as well as a topside handle for handy toting. The durable, outer shell is made from upcycled bicycle tubes, and the reflective inner lining is made from recycled plastics. That insulation will help keep hot food hot, or cold food cold, or makes a convenient holder for all your bike trip gear.

Bike Chain Cuff Bracelets. A cyclist doesn’t just love to ride. They love the road. They love speeding along, nothing between them and the world, feeling the wheels spin under their own power. This street-ready wristband lets you or the cycling enthusiast in your life stay connected to their wheels, even when they’re not free to ride. Each bracelet is made from steel bicycle chains that have already had a full life of adventure. The chains are saved from being discarded, cleaned up and given a durable powder-coated finish. It’s then formed into a zigzag bracelet, held in place with a hidden elastic band. These handsome accessories shift gears between hanging out with friends and dressing up while maintaining your street cred.

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