Valentines: Luke Warm Balloons

I stumbled upon these Luke Warm Balloons by Fairgoods and I thought they were hilarious. They are the perfect gift for the Valentine’s Day cynic or anyone who can take a good joke. The Fairgoods Etsy store sells a curated selection of accessories, housewares, apparel, and decor, as well as digital goods like type. Some of our products are things they have created with makers, some are things they have made ourselves, and some of them are existing products they love.

Call us hopeless romantics, but we think the best part of a relationship is when you hear those two special sentences: “It’s okay. I still love you.” These are balloons for people who have more realistic — and significantly less passionate — views about love. Each set of 15 heart-shaped balloons comes with five different designs in — what else? — Love Script by Neil Summerour.

You’re all right
I could do worse
I love tolerating you
I’m not sick of you yet
We’re not bad together

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