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TopShop Gift Guide

Topshop has released their 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. The gift guide is organized by categories: Stocking Fillers, Holiday LOLs, A Bit of Luxe, Easy Wins, Editor’s Picks, PJ and Undies, Accessorise Me, and Girl’s World. If you are looking to buy a gift for a fashionable girl or Holiday party decorations, Topshop is the place to go. V Panel Holdall | Gem Box Clutch | | Dinosaur Hottie Warmer Toy | Checked Scarf | Navette Rhinestone Row Stud Earrings | Flower Collar | Snowflake Hot Water Bottle | Be Jolly Reindeer Cups | Pack of Party Props | Knee High Boots

Gables Guitar Halloween 2013 Playlist

Halloween Playlist Our friends at Gables Guitar are gearing up for their Halloween Bash 2013! Being all music lovers there, they take the Playlist very seriously. The following is a list of 30 songs you are sure to hear at Gables Guitar’s Halloween party.

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A Dose of Cuteness for a Case of The Mondays

As Calamity Jane from Deadwood might say, Monday has caught me unawares. Here is a selection from my Cuteness Pinterest Board that illustrates how I feel today. No worries, we will be back on track tomorrow :) Have a Happy Week!

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Lego Partying

Having a LEGO themed party is always fun because building stuff is entertaining.  All you need are LEGOs and some LEGO inspired goodies and you are good to party.  Here are some ideas we found: 1. Lego Minifigure Ice Cube Tray, 2. Ice Bricks Tray, 3. LEGO Birthday Party Kit, 4. LEGO Minifigure Cookie Cutters, 5. LEGO Minifigure Cake Mold (or brick cupcake molds), 6. LEGO Classic Gift Bag, 7. Lego Gift Wrapping Paper Lego Bricks Set, 8. LEGO Treat Bags, 9. LEGO birthday candles, 10. LEGO Storage Head Large
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Partying on The New Girl Party Bus

Last night we partied at the New Girl Party Bus!  The “It’s Hot as Schmidt Out Here” Summer Bus Tour stopped at Coconut Grove and were giving away New Girl swag.  We played some coordination and trivia games and won some goodies.  The next stop is Chicago, IL :)  For more info on the schedule check out their facebook page.

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Gifts for a Hip Party Throwin’ Friend

Party Throwin' Friend gift Ideas

We <3 our party loving friends! They go all out, pick a theme, make it cute and most of all make sure we have a blast at their shindig. This holiday you can get your foot in the door to every single event on their calendars.  Here are a few ideas that say, “I noticed all the work & little details – this will be perfect for your next event!”. 1. Heart Cookie Cutters, 2. Pac-Man Cookie Cutters, 3. Shinzi Katoh Fondue Set, 4. Chat Bubble Serving Plates, and 5. Mustache Coffee Mug Set. Party Detail Freak Tip: “Nothing makes me happier than people pointing out things they like at the party whether it’s the striped paper straws, bunting flags, photo accessories or theme. So if you see something at your next get together get brownie points by telling your host”.

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Ready. Set. GO. Launching Cool Gifting!

Vampire Fangs Sign Teeth Halloween Decoration Party Decor

Lets’ start off with Happy Halloween! Since today is Friday, October 28th we have 3 days of costume parties and sweets overdosing. So in the spirit of  the festivities ahead our first post will cover Halloween decorations & ideas.  The wooden fangs above are hand cut out of plywood and painted by SlippinSouthern. You can find the fangs and many more handmade wooden goodies in the SlippinSouthern etsy shop including ravens, witches and pumpkins.

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