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Gifts For Your Boss

Don’t fret about finding a Holiday gift for your boss.  I’ve been there and it feels like everything you pick might send the wrong signals.  You definitely do not want to send mixed messages to the person that holds your paycheck in their hands.  Lucky for you and I there are some real easy safe bets when it comes to your boss and Holiday shopping.  First of all, any type of mug will do.  It doesn’t matter if they drink coffee or not.  If they are human they will be consuming some type of beverage through out the day and you’ve got them covered!  Here are some other ideas (including some cool mugs): 1. Hidden Animal Mugs with Tails, 2. Helicopter Mechanical Paperweight, 3. Squishy Mugs – Set of 2, 4. Whiskey Stones Double

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Gifts For Gamers

Most gamers suffer from old-school-game nostalgia. Help them out with a fix of Pac-Man and Atari goodies. They will enjoy their reunion with the games the grew up with. Here are some ideas of classic gaming nostalgia antidotes: 1. Pac-Man Ponchos, 2. Mario Kart 7 – Drift IR, 3. Game Boy Beach Towel, 4. Atari Flashback 4 Console, 5. Pac-Man Shot Glasses

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Manly Gifts For Dad

Are you looking for a gift for your very own macho man?  We’ve got you covered.  Here is a list of gift ideas that will let them know you are aware of their manly needs including man approved scented candles.  Apparently, only females appreciate the scent of lavender while tough guys prefer the scent of Santa’s Beard.  Who knew? 1. Sterling Silver Peace Bomb Cufflinks, 2. Revolver Pen Holder, 3. Game-Used College Football Helmet Cufflinks, 4. Santa’s Beard Man Candle, 5. The Shot Flask, 6. Duello Gun Bookends

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Balls of Steel: Drink Coolers With A Cause

Balls of Steel are premium whiskey drink coolers with a cause; 15% of sales are donated towards testicular cancer research & support communities. Balls of Steel are forged form the highest quality Stainless Steel and are the envy of ice everywhere. Place your Balls into a glass of your favorite spirits, roll them around, remove, and enjoy your drink at the perfect temperature. Balls of Steel preform to chill your whiskey or spirits faster than ice, without diluting that aged flavor we all love. Grab your pair of Balls of Steel right now, from their site –

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Cute Gifts For The Kawaii Lover

As a cuteness addict I have an extensive list of cute things on my wishlist. If it has a heart, owl, fox, whale, unicorn or narwhal you can be sure I am going to like it. If you are looking for cute gifts for someone who appreciates the adorable things in life here is a good place to start: 1. Sweet Marshmallow Mug Set, 2. Cuddle Buddy Puzzle Page Marker, 3. Owl Keep A Secret Jar, 4. My Milk Toof Bookicon, 5. Hello Kitty 21009 Sing-A-Long Karaoke, 6. Hedgehog Dryer Balls

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Manly Gifts For The Manliest of Men

It’s hard to find manly gifts for guys bubbling with testosterone.   There are many versions of this man.  There is the refined tough guy, rustic lumber jack, the psychological bully, the ladies big guy and of course the gnarly meat head.  There are other versions, our versions.  The ones we appreciate being part of our lives who won’t allow anyone to cut in line ahead of us.   *Thank you big guy!* We all have at least one masculine gift to buy this year and here are some ideas:  1. Beer Soap 6 Pack, 2. Herban Men’s Grooming Set, 3. Herban Men’s Shaving Set, 4. Sprocket Growler, 5. Snowboard Bottle Opener, 6. Titanium Multi-Tool Collar Stays Continue reading →

Starbucks Verismo Single Cup Coffee Machines

I’m really excited about Starbucks’ new single serve coffee machine called Verismo. What makes this better than Keurig’s K-cup System is the fact that the Verismo can make espresso, brewed coffee and lattes. Don’t get me wrong, I own a Keurig brewing system and I am thoroughly addicted to the crazy amount of variety of coffees available. My favorite K-Cup flavors are the Millstone Hazelnut Cream and the Folgers Vanilla Biscotti – but I digress. The new Verismo can also make lattes! Starbucks has also released their Milk Pods along with their array of coffee pods.

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Luchador Bottle Opener for Beer Loving Buddies

Have you been looking for a gift for your manly and beer loving friend?  You don’t want to go too crazy and give the wrong impression.  The perfect gift is the luchador bottle opener or maybe a set of them.  Each luchador bottle opener is a mini wrestler applying a famous lock hold to your opponent–in this case a bottle.

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Hot Summer Goodies

With the temperatures rising this August, you might want to shower yourself with some Summer goodies.  Give yourself a break and head to the beach with some of these cool accessories: 1. Lemonade Decanter, 2. Sailor Tote Bag, 3.  Zebra Hide Towel, 4. Wooden Bike Crate, 5. Paint Chip Placemats, 6. Acrylic Tumblers

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Gifts For Coffee Lovers & Addicts

I’ve had an on and off relationship with Coffee. I love the smell and the taste but don’t like the cravings so much. Nonetheless, when a migraine feels like kicking in, a Cuppa Joe comes in very handy. We all have our avid coffee drinkers and nothing would make them happier than some accessories for their favorite beverage: 1. My Cuppa Coffee, 2. Get Well Cappuccino Mug Set,  3. Keurig Special Edition Home Brewing System – B60, 4. De’Longhi kMix Espresso Machine, 5. Rocket Espresso Cup, 6. Starbucks Vanilla Syrup
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