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Gifts For Your Boss

Don’t fret about finding a Holiday gift for your boss.  I’ve been there and it feels like everything you pick might send the wrong signals.  You definitely do not want to send mixed messages to the person that holds your paycheck in their hands.  Lucky for you and I there are some real easy safe bets when it comes to your boss and Holiday shopping.  First of all, any type of mug will do.  It doesn’t matter if they drink coffee or not.  If they are human they will be consuming some type of beverage through out the day and you’ve got them covered!  Here are some other ideas (including some cool mugs): 1. Hidden Animal Mugs with Tails, 2. Helicopter Mechanical Paperweight, 3. Squishy Mugs – Set of 2, 4. Whiskey Stones Double

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Awesome Desk Accessories

I spend so much time at work I like to make my little space my own. Pick up some quirky pen holders or staplers and add some cheer to your workday! Here are some goodies to take a look at. These are also good ideas for office buddy gifts. 1. Stainless Steel Pencil Holder, 2. Bicycle Clips, 3. Hand Pen Holder, 4. Dead Fred Pen Holder, 5. Scottie Dog Mini Stapler

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Prepare Yourself For Office Warfare

Fighting with your boss to add some fun to your 9-5?  Start a friendly office war with your buddies or enemies.  These ideas will get you started: 1. Ninja Remote Stealth Television Gadget and IR Jammer, 2. Screaming Monkey Slingshot, 3. Airzooka Air Gun, 4. SpyNet Night Vision Binoculars, 5. Rubber Bandit Rubber Band Shooting Pen 6. Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard, 7. NERF Vortex Disc Blaster

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Unique Gift: The Art of Julie West

Julie West started out as a traditional media artist – using primarily acrylic, gouache, and technical pens. After spending a few years working as a print and web designer, various computer and design related elements began to surface in her work. Now her work is created with traditional means about half of the time – the rest being digital or a combination of the two.

Here are some of her brilliant collaborations: 1. Mr. Lion mousepad for Poketo, 2. Julie West Chubby Book for Pinkghost, 3. Julie West Artist Bags for Jansport, 4. Julie West Tea Set for Click for Art, 5. Raindrop Girl Mugo Player, 6. Julie West UK Dunny for Kidrobot, 7. Julie West Artist Series Sunglasses for Angel Eyewear

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Gifts For Your Bookworm

Bookworms tend to be easy to shop for.  With social reading sites like Good Reads it is simple to find out what is on their wishlist and the type of books they like.  If a book seems too obvious here are a few ideas they will be excited about. 1. Samsung Galaxy Nook, 2. Graphic Novels, 3. Mc Sweeny’s Subscription , 4. Vintage Typewriter, 5. Typewriter Brooch, 6. Reprinted Penguin Classics, 7. Personal Library Kit

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Gifts for a Cool Girlie Friend or BFF

There is no shame in getting excited about your BFFs gift to the point of buying a matching replica for yourself.  If you want one for keepsies it means you have a winner – an amazing gift.  So when October rolls around, I make sure to have double the gifting budget because odds are I will be getting something too.  Here are a few ideas to get you started: 1. Sparrow Key Holder, 2. Voulez-Vouzs Bags, 3. Mini Blunt Umbrella, 4.  Tokyo Milk Bubble Bath, 5. Silver Bullet Highlighters.

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gifts for your environmental consciousness

Eco Friendly GiftsThese ideas may be especially fitting for your eco-friendly giftee.  However, they are all practical and modern gadgets we can all use in our daily lives: 1. Solar Window Charger, 2. Baggu reusable bags, 3. Fridgezoo Companions, 4. Sagaform Take Away mug.

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Gifts for Your Office Peeps: Girlie Edition

Office Girlie Gifts BannerThis holiday season help your work BFF feel more at home.  Revamped office tools that fit their style will make the workday fly by. 1. Animal Note Cube, 2. Stainless Steel MiniDesk Set, 3. Thought Cloud Sticky Notes, 4. CB2 Chalkboard Office Accessories, 5. 7 Year Pens

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Gifts for your Office Peeps: Guy Edition

Office Banner

It’s the time of year to show some love to those people we spend a quarter of our life with. Eight hours a  day are no laughing matter.  So add a little fun to the work day by giving silly, helpful or uplifting gifts.  1. Stampler, 2. Mini Pool Table, 3. Bug Lunch Bags, 4. My Cuppa Mugs, 5. Touch Screen Stylus

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