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Fun Stocking Stuffers/Cheapy Gifts

Magic Emotiball

The future is in your hands. Ask a yes or no question, shake the Magic Emotiball and get an answer in the form of an emoji face. Ten different outcomes with a key on the sides of the box with responses like “bleh probs not”, “yes obvi” “xoxo it is decidedly so” and “haha maybe later”.

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Top 10 Gifts For Office Co-Workers

1. Bunny Stapler

Bunnies make everything better. Easter, Children”s TV, pet store visits. But as anyone who has petted one a little too heavily will tell you, they can be vicious little beasts. Using their massive adorable teeth to give nasty bites. The Bunny Stapler draws on both aspects of the humble rabbit; a cute desktop accessory that has a hell of a bite.

2. Executive Decision Maker & Paper Weight

This Executive Decision Maker/Paperweight Is The Perfect Gift For Those Who Have Indecisive Moments. Just Give It A Spin And Let It Decide For You Whether To “PASS THE BUCK”, “REORGANIZE” Just “SIT ON IT” And Many More.

3. The Amazing Desktop Foosball Game

Challenge a colleague to a match with this pint-sized table-foosball set.

4. Mini Shopping Cart Organizer

Bring some fun to the office…and get organized…with the Mini Shopping Cart Organizer.

5. The Butt Station Tape Dispenser Assistant

This started off being just a gag gift for a co-worker but everyone is wanting a butt station! A fun art deco desk accessory that includes a pen holder, tape dispenser, memo/card holder, paper clip holder and just a great conversation piece all in one! Stands… or sits… about 5″ high and comes in a variety of colors including the ever popular neon green, neon orange and bright blue. When you need to keep yours in the desk, get a butt station to keep you company! A perfect gag gift idea for the co-worker who is sometimes one of these!

6. Desktop Punching Bag

This punching bag suctions to your desk for immediate stress relief during the work day. When the sale doesn’t go through, when your co-worker is chewing extra loudly, whatever it may be.

7. Double Pencil Sharpener Desk Tidy

Hugely iconic and instantly recognisable, a design classic desk-tidy. This simple pencil-pot will keep your pencils, pens and desk top clutter looking sharper than the usual dull desk accessory.

8. Desk Feet Hammock

This unique hammock design replaces that extra chair you use to prop your feet up. The Fuut foot rest is a desk hammock designed specifically for resting your feet. It hooks onto either side of any desk with two metallic clips.

9. Pac-Man Stapler

Go retro with this awesome Pac-Man stapler. Yellow silicone makes this stapler smooth to the touch, and small yellow “feet” lets the stapler stand upright.

10. Skyline Ruler

Use the straight side of the ruler for everyday measuring or take the scenic route when you have time to spare. The perfect gift to bring home from your travels. Available for: London, Paris, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, Toronto and Jerusalem.

Top 10 Gifts For Kids

1. Tent or Teepee

Kids can create an imaginative world all their own inside this special play place made just for them. Designed after a traditional Native American teepee, it makes a super fun tent for sleepovers.

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Top 10 Baby Gifts

1. Giant Toys

Eminently huggable, this 54″ friendly plush yeti features embroidered facial features and feels as soft as a favorite blanky.

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Land of Nod Sale on Select Toys

Land of Nod is having a 20% Off select toys. I’m always amazed at their unique products for kids. For those looking to give kids a little bit of magic this year, check out Land of Nod. Little Piggy Wood Rocker | Artist’s Easel | Hop, Skip, and Jump Play Mat | Workbench & Tools | My Great Bean Bag Toss Game | Lemonade Stand & Puppet Theater | Doorway Puppet Theater | Arctic Polar Bear Wooden Rocker | Puppet Set

Gifts For Your Dinosaur Collector

Do you know someone that loves these lovely animals we call dinosaurs? We sure do! We have friends that wear some type of dino every day. We understand, it feels nice to be surrounded by the things you love. So do them a favor and add another dinosaur to their collection. Here are some ideas to get started: 1. T-Rex Pillow, 2. Oversized Inflatable Triceratops, 3. Oversized Inflatable T-Rex, 4. T-Rex Trying Book, 5. Plush-a-Saur Brock, 6. Tea Rex Infuser, 6. Dino Kigurumi Onesie

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Creative Gifts For Kids

I have many young nephews, nieces and cousins tumbling around, so I am constantly on the lookout for creative gifts for kids.  It’s easy to get them a cute plushie and there is nothing wrong with that.  Kids can never have enough cute plushies.  However, I like to give them something that will spark their imagination, get them outside playing or the beginning premise for a new adventure.  Here is a list of my top imaginative gifts for the little ones: 1. Bike Chalk Trail Kit, 2. Animal & Monster Hand Tattoo Sets, 3. Make Your Own Kaleidoscope Set, 4. Coal Gum

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Helena Garcia + Momiji = Foxyness

Helena Garcia has teamed up with Momiji to create a limited edition foxy message doll. VIXEN is a shy but sneaky fox with a red bomber jacket and razor sharp hair-do. A global limited edition of 750 pieces, VIXEN is available exclusively from Each doll is hand-numbered on the base.

Packaged in a signature Momiji noodle box and printed with a smartie coloured forest, VIXEN will be snapped up by fans of Momiji and Helena Garcia from around the world upon their release worldwide this Friday March 8th.

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Gifts For Your Pet Doggie

I must confess.  I am one of those people that owns a dog and considers them a family member.  I might go as far as comparing my doggie, Pancho, to your baby.  I know, bad me. But I love him so!  If you are like me and have a special place in your heart for your pooch you will need to have a gift for them to open on Christmas Day.  Here are some gifts I had in mind for Pancho:  1. Silly Dog Toys: Mustache & Giant Tongue, 2. Jerry Giraffe and Coco Elephant Chew Toys, 3. Pet Print Ornament, 4. French Bulldog Pillow, 5. Retro Rockin’ Treat Can, 6. Doggles Dog Eye Protection

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Great Gifts For Kids

Continuing our search for unique children’s gifts we stumbled upon Little Goodall’s Etsy Shop.  Where she has the best animal coats for kids including the Ferocious Lion Coat.  I would like one of each in adult size please :)  Here are some other great gift ideas we found: 1. Chalk Table, 2. Tuning Street Racing RC Kit, 3. Playsam Rocket, 4. Ferocious Lion Coat, 5. Nesting Dolls

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