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Super Hero Baby Tees & Onesies

1. Wonder Girl Baby Onesie, 2. Batman & Robin Tee, 3. Mr.T Onesie. A few months after the birth of her boy Tristan, Kayo began hand-stitching felted flair to add a bit of variety to her baby’s boringly basic wardrobe. Before she knew it, the corner of her bedroom was bursting with applique onesies, tops, bottoms and t-shirts. Her graphic-designer husband half-jokingly, half-seriously suggested that she start selling them because they were so creative and unique (and so they could have their room back). Even though Kayo has no formal design education, she’s been sewing, sketching and knitting for as long as she can remember – her husband has to constantly remind her that she’s been training her whole life to do exactly what she’s doing now. Check out the rest of her collection at Brika.

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Gifts For Your Geek Part 2

Continuing with our gifting for geeks series, I have compiled some other gift ideas. This collection focuses on the Periodic Table, elements, Math, gadgetry and of course, ninjas: 1. Pi Shower Curtain, 2. Ninja Umbrella, 3. Elements Puzzle, 4. Watch Movement Cufflinks

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Retro Nautical Swimsuits

This summer retro swimsuits with a nautical air are in! I absolutely love these swimsuits with navy stripes. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend – with a summer birthday – these are a great option. On the other hand, summer has arrived and you might be looking for a cute swimsuit for yourself. I know I am. This year I plan to keep my promise to go to the beach at least every couple of weeks. It’s a shame to live in Miami and never enjoy the amazing beaches we have. How about you? Any plans to leave the bat cave this summer? 1. Contrast Panel Belted Bandeau Swimsuit by ASOS, 2. Colorblock Short-sleeve Tank Swimsuit by J.Crew, 3. Mouille Santorini One Piece Swimsuit

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For Bluth Family Fans (Arrested Development)

Are you excited about the upcoming arrested development film?  We are!  If you have any friends that constantly quote Arrested Development magical moments you should consider the following gifts for your Holiday shopping:  1. Arrested Developmnet Outfits Tee, 2. Arrested Development: The Complete Series (Seasons 1-3 Bundle), 3. Arrested Development Bluth’s Orignal Frozen Banana Tee, 4. Hello My Name Is Annyong T-shirt, 5. I Blue Myself Mens T-shirt, 6. I Blue Myself Mens T-shirt, 6. Arrested Development Paper Doll Set

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Gifts For The Zombie Hunter

Searching for a gift for someone who believes Zombies only want you for your brains? Look no further, we’ve rounded up the top gifts for Zombie Hunters from Think Geek: 1. Zombie Survival Kit, 2. Zombie Head Cookie Jar, 3 . Zombie Shark Air Swimmer R/C, 4. Zombie “Brains” Wall Poster, 5. Zombie Family Car Decals, 6. Biohazard and Zombie Crime Scene Tape, 7. Surviving The Zombie Outbreak Mini Calendar, 8. Left 4 Dead Zombie Survival Medkit, 9. The Zombie Combat Manual, 10. Zombie Protest Tee

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Piktorama’s Bloody Family

Just in time for Halloween, we stumbled upon the most adorable and malevolent family: Bloody Family. Bloody Family was created by Venezuelan Illustrator Piktorama. She started this unique family as a personal project and the need to share her love for Cuteness and Darkness. Fortunately for all of us, we can demonstrate our allegiance to this wicked and lovely family with totes, prints, buttons and more!

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We Introduce You To: Supersonic Jellybeanz

Supersonic Jellybeanz is an apparel brand, based out of England, that was created by designer Shilo Shizy. Their products have a unique style of street art meets comic art resulting in some pretty cool designs. If you like graffiti, sticker bombs, or jellybeans this is for you!

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Shabby Apple’s New Line: Highclere Castle

Shabby Apple has recently released their new line Highclere Castle.  The collection is comprised of Polka Dots, Houndstooth, Tulle, and Lace Skirts & Dresses that will have you loading up your shopping cart.

Sharing The Coupon Love

Promo Code: HIGH – Save 10% sitewide with this promo code.  It expires October 10, 2012.

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Halloween Pet Costume Sale at Zulily

The daily deal site, Zulily, is selling Pet Costumes at half price & I figured I’d get Pancho’s costume while I had the chance. Pancho is our Yorkie and we draw comics inspired by him.  I picked the lion costume for him in XS.  I will post pics reporting how it fit him once it arrives.  Other costumes that looked cute were the 1. Honey Bear Outfit, 2. Turtle Outfit, 3. Quackers Duck Outfit, 4. Lil Lion Outfit.
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Labor Day Online Sales

I’ve been getting newsletters with Labor Day discounts and I figured I’d share the savings with you!  Here’s a list of the discounts without the clogging up of your email :) Enjoy!

Sharing the Coupon Love

 Pinkghost released a 30% Off Chubby Books Promo Code: LABORDAY2012 .  Stock up on your favorite designs by talented artists: 64 Colors, Julie West, Helena Garcia, Crowded Teeth, Alberto Cerriteno, Piktorama, Kukula, Danny Brito & Allison Cole.

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