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Geek Valentines: Gifts For Her

If your valentine likes to attend comic conventions, binge on anything Nathan Fillion related on Netflix, owns a Star Wars collection or has a cuteness obsession, your valentine just might be a geek. Regardless of her geekyness levels, she will be excited to receive any of the goodies below for Valentine’s Day. Seriously, who wouldn’t appreciate a bouquet of plush kittens?

The Sprite Bag by Pixelle

For Gamer Girls: This satchel-style handbag features a fashionable, repeating pattern of sprites in neon colors: 8-bit swords, hearts, robots, flasks, and books – basically all our favorite things. Colorful and quirky, the bag comes in black faux leather with grey trim and plum details with chromed hardware or white faux leather with tan trim and hot pink details with gold-colored hardware. It’s a kitschy, stylish bag that will level up your already epic style.

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Geek Valentines: Gifts For Him

I love shopping for my fellow geeks. It’s so easy. Our thematic passion really simplifies finding the right gift for us. For example, as I have said before, I am a huge fan of Pusheen the Cat. So if I am gifted any pushed related items I will be as happy and content as a Pusheen that has recently eaten some pie and taken a nap. So if your valentine is a geek you are in luck! Focus on their fandoms and get something that is related. Below I have some top notch geeky gifts to get you started:

2-Player Gaming Mug Set

The last thing you want to do first thing in the morning is have your dishware cause a fight. That’s why we’re setting forth this rule right here, right now: whoever makes the coffee gets to be Player 1.

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Valentines: West Elm Gift Guide For Him

I believe finding a Valentine’s Day gift for guys is just as easy as finding one for girls. The difference lies on the type of gift you look for. Guys would prefer a useful gift over a thoughtful gift covered in hearts. Although, as a girl, I do give extra brownie points to heart covered gifts if they are useful. It’s like finding the most beautiful skirt you’ve seen all day and then you realize: IT ALSO HAS POCKETS! Boom! That skirt just became my favorite skirt ever.

So back to buying gifts for guys. West Elm has a great array of Men’s Valentine’s Day gifts and I have a few of them listed here. Go ahead and take a gander.

Triple C™ Green iPad Case

Cool case. Created by New York-based Triple C™, the Green Case protects your iPad Air™ with zebra wood and a folding plastic case.

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Bloomingdale’s Winter Coat Sale

I was just checking out Bloomingdale’s coat sale and I they have some great steals on brands like Burberry, DKNY, Via Spiga and Laundry by Shelli Segal. I live in Florida so I will only get to wear these beautiful coats when I travel during the winter, such a shame. I’m telling you, I am meant to live in cooler weather. The humidity is my nemesis down here. We fight every day. Nonetheless, I need my sunny days most of the year. So the battle continues. Regardless of whether I should buy these or not. If you are in need of a nice coat, this is your chance to score designer coats at a major discount (up to 65% OFF). Here are my top picks from the sale ending on January 19, 2015:

Laundry by Shelli Segal Skirted Wool Coat

Wool coat made by Laundry by Shelli Segal with notch collar, double breasted button front, dual zip pockets at hip, and flared at waist.

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Similar Finds: Gone Girl Collar Dress

I recently read the book Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. If you haven’t read it, I totally recommend that you do. It is an easy page turner that will keep you hooked to the very end. If you are not a fan of reading, you can check out the movie starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, and Tyler Perry. It stays pretty close to the book and does a great job of portraying the characters and atmosphere. The movie is directed by David Fincher who also directed the TV show House of Cards, The Social Network, and Fight Club. *Side note: I Cannot wait for the third season of House of Cards to air this February! Yay!*

As I was saying, I read the book and was so pumped that I immediately watched the movie. In last scene the main character wears a gorgeous collared dress. It was a good idea to watch the movie because this dress became my new obsession. I searched for the Alice + Olivia Courtnee Combo Cuff Dress but it was sold out everywhere. However, instead of fretting (or going the ebay route) I decided to find similar dresses; and I am happy with my results.

Alice + Olivia Courtnee Combo Cuff Dress

This is the actual dress used in the movie. My favorite part is the back of the dress. Contrast cuffs and a fold-over collar lend a polished look to a fitted alice + olivia dress. The exposed zip cuts a clean line down the layered back. Long sleeves.

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Anthropologie Sale + 40% OFF Promo Code

I received an email from Anthropologie letting me know about the promo code: EXTRA EXTRA giving you 40% OFF items on sale. I’m not sure when the promo code expires it only says “for a limited time”. So I took a look to see what kind of selection they had on sale. I am happy to report that many of the items I was dreaming about over the holidays, including the fancy ravine party dress, are on sale. Here are a few of the things I liked from their 9 pages of items on sale.

Dotty Driving Gloves

How adorable are these pool dot gloves with bow detail?

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Work Out Clothes For Her

Today is officially the end of the second work week of 2015. How are you holding up so far? I hope you are feeling amazing! I have high hopes for this year and I am taking advantage of every day. Can you believe we are on the ninth day of 2015? I do! I am enjoying myself but I am also working working working. I also took a look at my workout clothes and decided they needed revamping. There’s nothing like a cute new top to motivate you to get your butt out of bed and go jogging. Here are some of the cute goodies I found.

Zella Live in 2 Capris

My absolute favorite workout pants are the Zella Live in Capris but I was getting tired of always wearing black capri pants. I’m so happy to see they released the same pants with a dotted pattern. They are adorable, comfortable and practical.

Finding the perfect pair of workout pants is not as easy as you’d think. Some leggings are not comfortable. Others are made of thin fabric causing them to stick to your legs showing every little imperfection. Sometimes pants are tight in weird places giving your body a weird overall shape, making things bulge where they are not supposed to. Others are see through and you only realize until you’re in some awkward pose in the middle of your pilates class that everyone can see your underwear. It has taken me years to find the perfect pants that shape my body the way I like it and are tight in all the right places. You might be thinking, “Hey lady just wear whatever. You’re going to go sweat.” That might work for some people but I personally do not feel like working out when the pants I’m wearing make me feel like an improperly stuffed sausage. So if any of you are picky like me. I recommend these Zella pants.

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Shop Valentine’s Dresses from ASOS sale + discount code

ASOS is having an enormous sale with up to 70% off and I spotted a bunch of adorable dresses that would make a perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day. I realized I had 12 dresses in my shopping cart and I wasn’t even through half of the 26 pages of dresses they have on sale. To top it all off, you can get an additional 10% OFF with discount code: GIMME10. The code expires 3 AM EST January 12, 2015.

Jacquard Prom Dress

Jacquard fabric dress with fully lined interior, inner gripper tape, and zip back fastening.

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The Utility Fashion Trend

Part of my daily routine is to sift through all of the new arrivals for major fashion websites. I had been noticing a rise in “mechanic jumpsuity” looking items and I was thinking to myself… I like this trend. I always loved wearing dickies pants to my roller hockey practices. They were comfortable and practical; and there was definitely a look to it – a tight tank top with baggy dickies pants and skates. It looked cool. Anyhoo, I was glad to stumble upon ASOS’ newsletter announcing the Utility trend (that definitely sounds more chic that mechanic jumpsuity). Below is a round up of my top picks from the latest Utility trend.

Diesel Biker Jumpsuit

Stretch cotton denim with V-neckline, zip through front and side zip pockets. This jumper has a skinny fit – cut closely to the body.

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Gift Ideas For Snowboarders

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Snowboarders

Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard

The Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard puts a modern twist on the original Custom board. Flying V gives you the best of both rocker and camber for freedom and fun everywhere on the hill. There’s a smattering of tech, like Frostbite edges, Squeezebox, and The Channel mounting system to squeeze out every last bit of performance. And with its team-tested heritage, you already know the Custom is up to whatever you throw at it.

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