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Top 10 Gifts For College Students

1. What Did I Buy Today Journal

Now that they are going off on their own. It’s time to help them learn financial responsibility and budgeting skills. Hopefully, you can steer them away from the dreaded college credit card debt we all racked up. When all those shiny cards started showing up in the mail and you didn’t think about the interest rate and paying them back. This imaginative week-by-week journal invites you to consider all of your purchases, prioritize your financial goals, celebrate the occasional splurge, and revel in the moments when you resist an impulse buy.

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Top 10 Gifts For A Musician

1. Gearlux Music Stand

Most musician’s get by without a music stand, but once they receive this gift they will wonder why they never invested in one. It makes practicing easier and it helps you to focus and what you are working on. No more strained necks because you have your music sheets propped up on the bed. This tool will separate the dabblers from the serious musician.

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Top 10 Book Gift Recommendations: For Her

1. My True Love Gave To Me: Twelve Holiday Stories is a collection of Christmas Love Stories with an exceptional group of 12 authors including Laini Taylor author of the Daughter of Smoke & Bone Trilogy, and Rainbow Rowell who is included in this top ten list.Click through to check out the rest of the recommendations :) Continue reading →

Gifts For Your Dinosaur Collector

Do you know someone that loves these lovely animals we call dinosaurs? We sure do! We have friends that wear some type of dino every day. We understand, it feels nice to be surrounded by the things you love. So do them a favor and add another dinosaur to their collection. Here are some ideas to get started: 1. T-Rex Pillow, 2. Oversized Inflatable Triceratops, 3. Oversized Inflatable T-Rex, 4. T-Rex Trying Book, 5. Plush-a-Saur Brock, 6. Tea Rex Infuser, 6. Dino Kigurumi Onesie

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Cute Gifts For The Kawaii Lover

As a cuteness addict I have an extensive list of cute things on my wishlist. If it has a heart, owl, fox, whale, unicorn or narwhal you can be sure I am going to like it. If you are looking for cute gifts for someone who appreciates the adorable things in life here is a good place to start: 1. Sweet Marshmallow Mug Set, 2. Cuddle Buddy Puzzle Page Marker, 3. Owl Keep A Secret Jar, 4. My Milk Toof Bookicon, 5. Hello Kitty 21009 Sing-A-Long Karaoke, 6. Hedgehog Dryer Balls

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Gifts For Your Book Club

I love shopping for my book worms.  They are so easy to shop for because anything that resembles a book will make them happy – literally.  If you haven’t found any book looking gifts don’t worry.  Any gift that make a reference to one of their favorite authors or books will be even better.  Here are some great examples of gifts for book snobs:  1. Literary iPhone Cases, 2. Eyeglass Pillowcase – Set of 2, 3. Literary Art Kindle Fire Case, 4. Index Finger Page-markers, 5. Personal Library Kit, 6. Floating Books Wall Shelf

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USB Typewriter Computer Kit for Your Modern Writer

You can’t replace the feeling of sitting at a typewriter and feeling the weight of each key like a true writer. The upside of using a USB typewriter vs. a real typewriter is you save a bunch of trees and editing your work is much easier.  Just pull up your latest draft on Word and type away your editor’s suggestions or not.  Ignore your editor, keep going in the direction you were thinking from the start.  The usbtypewriter Etsy shop has got you covered in that front.

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Gifts For Your Graffiti Heads

If you are looking for a gift for someone who likes Banksy then look no further than the DVD Exit Through the Gift Shop.  It will blow their mind and leave them confused for a couple of days.  Once the haze clears they will appreciate Banksy’s cleverness from an entire new perspective.  In the meantime, we leave you to spiral down these graffiti gift ideas: 1. Mayday: The Art Of Shepard Fairey, 2. Krink K-12 Paint Marker, 3. Krink K-42 Paint Marker,   4. Banksy: Wall and Piece, 5. Banksy: Exit Through the Gift Shop, 6. Graffiti Cocktail Shaker, 7. Krink Mop Black

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Gifts For Paranormal Book Worms: Gail Carriger

Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate Series:

Vampires? Check. Ghosts? Yup. Werewolves? Hell yeah! Best of all, a steam punk, parasol loving heroine :) The Parasol Protectorate Series has it all for us paranormal book worms. Gail Carriger quickly became one of my favorite authors. I read her first book of the Protectorate Series, Soulless, in 2 days. I took an instant liking to Alexia Tarabotti, our clever and pragmatic soulless heroine. She is witty, fashionable and has no patience for social faux-paus or dim-wits, particularly her step sisters and mother.

You’ll be devastated when you finish the series because your will be left craving for more. The best cure for the-end-of-a-great-series-blues is to hunt for another great book. I find most of my books from Felicia Day’s Goodreads recommendations. She is smart, funny and <3′s the same books I do :) I also follow her Vaginal Fantasy book club, where Felicia, Bonnie BurtonKiala Kazabee and Veronica Belmont discuss every month books that range from Urban Paranormal to Historical Romance. I love their easy going and funny chats about smutty, paranormal books. I’m usually not able to see their google hangouts live because they’re at 11p.m. E.S.T but they always post their hangouts on youtube a couple of days later.

Feel free to post in the comments your favorite urban paranormal book.


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An Inspiring Cook Book: Dinner, A Love Story

Now that we have stocked up with fun kitchen accessories.  A perfect addition is the beautiful book: Dinner, A Love Story.  Brought to you by the most adorable couple behind the blog: Dinner, A Love Story.

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