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Gifts For Your Roller Derby Girl

Yes, that is me with the pink star on my helmet!  Next to me, in red, is the jammer Ducati Hottie.  Unfortunately, I am no longer on the team, but I had a blast while I was Catastrophe Waitress :) The Roller Derby Athlete in your life will surely appreciate some useful gear and it is hard to get the right stuff without being familiar with the ins and outs.  Here is a good place to start: 1. Bern Helmet, 2. Retro Ice Bag, 3. Hot Pants,, 4. Geek Statement Socks, 5. Colorful Laces.  However, if you really want to make a Roller Derby Girl happy support her team!  We will be attending our home team Vice City Rollers’ Bout this Saturday!  What I am wearing in the picture above:

Helmet: Brock Foam Lined Bern HelmetZappos
Knee Pads: 187 Knee Pads (Ducatti Hottie is also wearing these) – Amazon
Skates: Vanilla Brass Knuckle 2.0 Skates (with Atom Poison wheels) – Amazon

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