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Whale Housewares Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a gift for someone who loves the sea, sea animals or more specifically whales, then this post is for you. I stumbled upon some really cute whale patterned housewares at West Elm and realized that I wanted to see what other whale marvels I could find. It turns out there are many whale products (in case you have a nautical theme in your house or Moby Dick is your favorite book). Even if your house is not a shrine to the almighty ocean, you can still add a single cute whale to your decor. Why? I’ll tell you why; because these wonderful creatures don’t go out of style. Let’s begin our immersion into whale overload.

Whale Jacquard Towels

You get two different towels in one! Each side has the contrasting pattern of whales than the reverse. If you are feeling like you’d rather have white towels in your bathroom one day and feel like having gray the next day – go right ahead. Just fold them the right way :) These whale patterned towels are available in several sizes including bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth.

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ASOS Valentines Gift Guide For Him

The ASOS gift guide for guys has an awesome selection for fashionable guys. If your valentine is not afraid of wearing a watch with gold rose details or rose gold fox cufflinks, then you should check out the ASOS gift guide for men.

Watch In Black And Rose Gold

Watch by ASOS with a matte leather-look strap, three hand movement, sub dial style design, dial ring effect, and pin buckle fastening.

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Adorable TONYMOLY Personal Care Products

I have to say that I do, at first glance, judge books by their cover. Sometimes awful book covers keep me from reading great books until they are personally recommended by a trusted source. On the other spectrum I have read some real turds because they had amazing books covers; but I’m not talking about books today. I’m talking about the cutest personal care products I have ever seen: TONYMOLY. I started seeing some ridiculously adorable lip glosses in the shape of a bunny when browsing Urban Outfitters; but today I spotted a fat Panda in the shape of an egg. What could that kawaii little chubby shape be holding? What is a Panda’s dream magic cream? Who cares! I’m buying that fat panda and the bunnies – of course I’m getting the bunnies.

TONYMOLY Panda’s Dream Magic Cream

ONYMOLY Panda’s Dream Magic Cream hydrates and brightens skin for a fresh, radiant glow. Apply to your skin as the last step in your skincare routine.

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Fun Stocking Stuffers/Cheapy Gifts

Magic Emotiball

The future is in your hands. Ask a yes or no question, shake the Magic Emotiball and get an answer in the form of an emoji face. Ten different outcomes with a key on the sides of the box with responses like “bleh probs not”, “yes obvi” “xoxo it is decidedly so” and “haha maybe later”.

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Top 10 Gifts For College Students

1. What Did I Buy Today Journal

Now that they are going off on their own. It’s time to help them learn financial responsibility and budgeting skills. Hopefully, you can steer them away from the dreaded college credit card debt we all racked up. When all those shiny cards started showing up in the mail and you didn’t think about the interest rate and paying them back. This imaginative week-by-week journal invites you to consider all of your purchases, prioritize your financial goals, celebrate the occasional splurge, and revel in the moments when you resist an impulse buy.

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Top 10 Gifts For The Animal Lover

1. Hedgehog Q-tip Holder

Brighten up their day every time they enter their bathroom and meet this adorable and helpful little guy.

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Gifts For Your Geek Part 2

Continuing with our gifting for geeks series, I have compiled some other gift ideas. This collection focuses on the Periodic Table, elements, Math, gadgetry and of course, ninjas: 1. Pi Shower Curtain, 2. Ninja Umbrella, 3. Elements Puzzle, 4. Watch Movement Cufflinks

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Gifts For Your Geek

Ah yes, our beloved geeks.  I find gifting for geeks is the easiest for me. Most likely it’s because I am a verified geek myself.  The geeks I know have very specific hobbies and they like to show the world they like them.  There are many kinds of geeks.  We have the Math and Science kind, the computer kind, the gamers, the tv show fanatics, and many others.  So the key is to find out what kind of geek is your geek.  To accomplish this just give them a quick accessment next time you see them.  You can be sure they will be wearing a t-shirt or accessory that alludes to their favorite geeky quirkyness. Here are some ideas in the different categories: 1. Geek Wrist Watch, 2. Computer Keyboard Doormat, 3. Periodic Table Shower Curtain, 4. Padintosh Case For iPad, 5. Obsessive Chef Cutting Board, 6. Pacman Blanket

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Manly Gifts For The Manliest of Men

It’s hard to find manly gifts for guys bubbling with testosterone.   There are many versions of this man.  There is the refined tough guy, rustic lumber jack, the psychological bully, the ladies big guy and of course the gnarly meat head.  There are other versions, our versions.  The ones we appreciate being part of our lives who won’t allow anyone to cut in line ahead of us.   *Thank you big guy!* We all have at least one masculine gift to buy this year and here are some ideas:  1. Beer Soap 6 Pack, 2. Herban Men’s Grooming Set, 3. Herban Men’s Shaving Set, 4. Sprocket Growler, 5. Snowboard Bottle Opener, 6. Titanium Multi-Tool Collar Stays Continue reading →

Gifts For Your Dad

Here are a few ideas to get you started on your Holiday shopping gifts for Dad: 1. The Remote Controlled Authentic WWII Battling Tanks, 2. BBQ Briefcase, 3. The Wire: The Complete Series DVD, 4. Phonekerchief, 5. Felt Firewood Holder, 6. On The Rocks Set, 7. The Man Can Grooming Kit
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