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Gifts For Cycling Lovers Part 2

The best gift for anyone who likes to ride a bike is bicycle themed. There are so many great bicycle related gifts from jewelry, to biking gear, gadgets, bags and much much more. Here is a list of ideas for cycling lovers: 1. Bike Chain Star Ornament, 2. Bike Tire Cufflinks, 3. Bike Tire Tie Bar, 4. Bike Doormat, 5. Auto Timing Chain and Gears Wall Clock, 6. Upcycled Bike Tube Handlebar Bag, 7. Bike Chain Cuff Bracelets

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Gifts For Your Geek

Ah yes, our beloved geeks.  I find gifting for geeks is the easiest for me. Most likely it’s because I am a verified geek myself.  The geeks I know have very specific hobbies and they like to show the world they like them.  There are many kinds of geeks.  We have the Math and Science kind, the computer kind, the gamers, the tv show fanatics, and many others.  So the key is to find out what kind of geek is your geek.  To accomplish this just give them a quick accessment next time you see them.  You can be sure they will be wearing a t-shirt or accessory that alludes to their favorite geeky quirkyness. Here are some ideas in the different categories: 1. Geek Wrist Watch, 2. Computer Keyboard Doormat, 3. Periodic Table Shower Curtain, 4. Padintosh Case For iPad, 5. Obsessive Chef Cutting Board, 6. Pacman Blanket

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Gifts For Your Camera Toting Friends

I have friends who might as well have view finders instead of eyes.  They see the world through a camera lens and it is a privilege to see the world through their photographs.  Their world seems a little sweeter at times, a lot darker at others, and the little details I normally overlook can make a moment in time majestic .  Here are some gift ideas for those who carry their camera everywhere they go: 1. Camera Flask, 2. Zoom Kitchen Timer, 3. Iconic Camera Bag, 4. Fotostrap Avocado

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Gifts For Your iPhone Aficionado Friend

I should be attending a smartphone addict meeting.  The last thing I do is check my email in bed and guess what is the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning?  You guessed it!  I check my email. As I write this post I am a little sickened by my attachment to my iPhone.  At least I recognize I have a problem and I am taking steps to correct this behavior.  Nonetheless, you might know at least one person like me and we would love to receive iPhone related presents.  Anything that makes my smart phone easier to carry around, more convenient or more useful would be greatly appreciated by us – iPhone addicts :) Here are a few ideas:  1. Volkswagen Bus iPhone Case, 2. Portable iPhone Charger, 3. Mini Wooden Speaker, 4. Colored iPhone Alarm Docks

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Manly Gifts For Dad

Are you looking for a gift for your very own macho man?  We’ve got you covered.  Here is a list of gift ideas that will let them know you are aware of their manly needs including man approved scented candles.  Apparently, only females appreciate the scent of lavender while tough guys prefer the scent of Santa’s Beard.  Who knew? 1. Sterling Silver Peace Bomb Cufflinks, 2. Revolver Pen Holder, 3. Game-Used College Football Helmet Cufflinks, 4. Santa’s Beard Man Candle, 5. The Shot Flask, 6. Duello Gun Bookends

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Awesome Desk Accessories

I spend so much time at work I like to make my little space my own. Pick up some quirky pen holders or staplers and add some cheer to your workday! Here are some goodies to take a look at. These are also good ideas for office buddy gifts. 1. Stainless Steel Pencil Holder, 2. Bicycle Clips, 3. Hand Pen Holder, 4. Dead Fred Pen Holder, 5. Scottie Dog Mini Stapler

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Gifts For Your Book Club

I love shopping for my book worms.  They are so easy to shop for because anything that resembles a book will make them happy – literally.  If you haven’t found any book looking gifts don’t worry.  Any gift that make a reference to one of their favorite authors or books will be even better.  Here are some great examples of gifts for book snobs:  1. Literary iPhone Cases, 2. Eyeglass Pillowcase – Set of 2, 3. Literary Art Kindle Fire Case, 4. Index Finger Page-markers, 5. Personal Library Kit, 6. Floating Books Wall Shelf

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Jewelry Organizing Gifts For Fashionistas

As promised, I have a found a nice collection of jewelry organizers and I am sharing it with you.  My all time favorite is the ceramic Jackalope because I have a healthy obsession with fantastical creatures.  Anything from a unicorn to a liger will tickle my fancy.  Here are some other great ideas for people who have so much jewelry they have a hard time finding that perfect piece that pulls the outfit together in the wrangled mess of their jewelry drawer: 1. Ceramic Jackalope Jewelry Holder, 2. Bird Cage Jewelry Holder, 3. Cloche Jewelry Holder, 4. Bunny And Swan Figurine Jewelry Holder Set, 4. Natural Sparkle Ring Holder in Rabbit, 5. Bird Branch Jewelry Stand, 6. Little Birch Jewelry Stand, 7. Antique-Gold Stag Andtler Jewelry Stand, 8. Gold Punched Tiered Metal Dish Jewelry Stand

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Manly Gifts For The Manliest of Men

It’s hard to find manly gifts for guys bubbling with testosterone.   There are many versions of this man.  There is the refined tough guy, rustic lumber jack, the psychological bully, the ladies big guy and of course the gnarly meat head.  There are other versions, our versions.  The ones we appreciate being part of our lives who won’t allow anyone to cut in line ahead of us.   *Thank you big guy!* We all have at least one masculine gift to buy this year and here are some ideas:  1. Beer Soap 6 Pack, 2. Herban Men’s Grooming Set, 3. Herban Men’s Shaving Set, 4. Sprocket Growler, 5. Snowboard Bottle Opener, 6. Titanium Multi-Tool Collar Stays Continue reading →

Gifts For Your Best Friend: Girl Edition

You love to go shopping with your best friend… why wouldn’t you?  After all, you have the same rhythm, patience and taste.  Getting a Holiday gift for her should be so easy, right?  Yes, except for little problem about you also liking all the potential Holiday gifts you could gift her; and it’s so hard not buy one for yourself.  We understand how you feel because we feel the same way.  Here are some things we just know our BFFs will love because we love ‘em!  Take a look:  1. Camera Necklace, 2. French Bulldog Ceramic Rectangle Plate, 3. Forest Dish Set, 4. Whitney Coin Purse, 5. Elbow Gloves in Mediterranean Blue, 6. Shimmering Bow Belt, 7. All Mine Colored Pencil Set

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